Frequently Asked Questions for the Fire Department

Who can I contact to get Freedom of Information Forms?

You must contact the City of Rochester's Communications Department at (585) 428-7135

What are "Protectives?"

The Protectives are a volunteer organization that responds to fires as a support unit.

Where can I find information about a child experimenting with fire?

You can find information through our Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program 

Does the Fire Department perform safety presentations?

We have staff who handles safety presentations and other Community Outreach programs.

Where can I find information on Smoke, Carbon Monoxide detectors and detectors for the Hearing-Impaired?

Please click here for information about our Smoke Detector programs

How can I become a firefighter?

The fire department is always looking for qualified candidates. Please visit the City of Rochester Employment Opportunities page for more information on employment opportunities.

How quickly does the fire department respond to a call?

On average, the Rochester Fire Department Responds to all calls within 3-4 minutes.

Can I call you if, "my cat is stuck in a tree?"

Animal Control now handles this type of call. Dial 311 to report the incident.



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