Community Volunteer Response Team (CVRT)

Homicides often can leave a lingering emotional effect on members of the surrounding neighborhood. Residents might feel unsafe in their own homes, experience sleeplessness or have some other physical or emotional symptoms when a homicide occurs in their neighborhood or community.  Blue-Yellow-patch 

You can help heal the community. Teams of volunteers canvas the neighborhood 3-5 days after the homicide. Supervised by police personnel, they check on residents and refer them to counselors as needed. The Family Crisis Intervention Team stands by in case someone needs immediate counseling. Teams go out on weeknights. 


·        Attend orientation  (1-2 hours)

·        Ability to canvas (walk) a neighborhood for 2 hours

·        Availability to report by 5:30 p.m. on the night of the callout

·        Good listening skills

·        At least 18 yrs old

For more information contact the RPD Volunteer coordinator at (585) 428-7496. 

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