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City of Rochester

Library Branches in Rochester

  The Rochester Public Library, founded in 1911, consists of one Central Library located in the heart of downtown Rochester, and ten neighborhood branches located throughout the City. The Central Library campus is made up of two buildings: the historic Rundel Memorial Building, and the newer Bausch & Lomb Public Library Building, built in 1997. Both buildings are located at 115 South Avenue, between Broad and Court Streets. The downtown library acts as the Central Library for Rochester and Monroe County.

The ten Branch Libraries are divided into four quadrants, with one branch in each quadrant designated as the main branch.

The libraries in the Northeast Quadrant include:

The Northwest Quadrant contains three libraries:

The libraries located in the Southeast Quadrant include

The Southwest Quadrant consists of

The Rochester Public Library is governed by an eleven member Board of Trustees, who are appointed by City Council. The library branches are funded directly by the City of Rochester, while the Central Library is funded by both the County and the City.



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