Water Construction Updates (Street Beat)


  Water Construction Work Location                       Description of Work                         000_0029 
  Blossom Road Install Valve  
  630 Melville Street Repair curb box  
  E Main St Relocate hydrant  
  30-32 Quincy Street Uncover curb box  
  142 Elm Drive Renew service  
  188 Weaver Street Repair curb box  
  18 Delamaine Drive Uncover curb box  
  Pollard Avenue form Lake Avenue to Coburg Street Hydraulic Maint flushing  
  Attwell Street from Lake Avenue to Clayton Street Hydraulic Maint flushing  
  Quentin Road from Browncroft Boulevard to Merchants Road Hydraulic Maint flushing  
  Gramercy Park from Dorchester Road from Corwin Road Hydraulic Maint flushing  


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