Water Construction Updates (Street Beat)


  Water Construction Work Location                       Description of Work                         000_0029 
  City Wide Annual hydrant inspections
(Can cause dirty water temporarily)
  33 Silver Street Repair curb box  
  180 Hillcrest Street Raise curb box  
  421 Vernon Avenue Repair curb box  
  Hudson Avenue Valve head nut missing  
  1193 Lyell Avenue Raise curb box  
  Lefrois St from Northlane Dr to Baird  St Hydraulic Maint Flushing  
  Sayne St from Norhlane Dr to Baird St Hydraulic Maint Flushing  
Valois St from Northlane Dr to BairdSt
Hydraulic Maint Flushing  
  Ferris St from Mc Kinster St to Culver Rd Hydraulic Maint flushing  
  Varden St from Ferris St to Bay St Hydraulic Maint flushing  


Water Supply