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City of Rochester

Water Construction Updates (Street Beat)


  Water Construction Work Location                       Description of Work                         000_0029 
  Dorchester Road (Winton Road to east city line) Install new 8" water main , services and hydrants  
  Bradfield Street (Barker Street -Independence Street Install new 8" water main , services, and hydrants  
  Natalie Street (Glide Street- Barker street) Install new 8" water main, services and hydrants  
  Lake Avenue south of Denise Road intersection Install a water vault  
  Independence Street (Maple Street - Independence Street) Install new 8" water main, services and hydrants  
  Fox Street (Lagrange Avenue to Ramona Street) Install water bypass pipe and new water main  
  115 Minnesota Street Repair curb box  
  28 Quamina Drive Locate curb box  
  81 Heather Street Repair curb box  
  Clifford Avenue Blow out valve  
  253 Marion Street Raise curb box  
  62 Locust Street Repair curb box  
  288-290 Reynolds Street Repair curb box  
  485 Westmount Street Repair curb box  
  32-34 Wyndham Street Repair curb box  
  296 Campbell Street Repair curb box  
  99-101 Bowman Street Repair curb box  
  362 Parcells Avenue Repair curb box  
  93 Prcells Avenue Locate curb box  
  16 Peckham Street Replace curb box  
  320 Beresford Road Repair curb box  
  375 Lyceum Street Repair curb box  

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Water Supply

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