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City of Rochester

Parking at the Public Market Just Got Easier

A new parking lot at the Rochester Public Market, 280 N. Union St. promises to make one of the city's most popular destinations more accessible and easier to use.

Public Market Press ConferenceThough the incredible energy from the 20,000-40,000 weekly visitors is a signature of the Rochester Public Market and a reason many people flock to the spot, dealing with the subsequent parking issues are not as enjoyable. Parking too far away can mean you have to forgo that extra bushel of locally-grown apples that you were eyeing.  

Lot Can Hold Hundreds of Vehicles

In mid-September, the City proudly cut the ribbon on a new parking lot on the corner of Trinidad and Union Streets (map), directly across from the market. Parking is free.

The new 200-car paved lot (with unpaved spaces for an additional 100 vehicles), was designed by Passero Associates and built by Villager Construction. The almost $1.1 million project also included the reconstruction of Trinidad and Hebard Streets and pedestrian access improvements, including a new pedestrian gateway.

A "Green" Garden to Open Soon

Finishing touches on landscaping around the lot are taking place this Fall. Part of that landscaping will be an eco-friendly rain garden- like the one at Turning Point Park in Charlotte. The rain garden will use natural vegetation as sediment filters. When it rains or snows, flowing sediments and pollutants from the parking lot will be captured by the garden's vegetation. The water-loving plants will act as filters and clean the runoff before it reaches the sewer system.

Looking Ahead to the Market Tram

While the new parking lot is a terrific addition to the market, local community activist Andy Johnson still looks forward to Phase II of the project. Mr. Johnson was happy to report that his group -The Friends of the Rochester Public Market -- has identified funds to purchase a market shuttle or tram that will conveniently transport customers from the parking lot over the old CSX rail bridge to the market and back again with their purchases to their vehicles.

"People complain that there's not enough parking and that it's too far to walk. Well, [soon] you'll be able to park and not have to walk so far because we'll be able to carry you!" Mr. Johnson remarked as he unveiled future plans at the parking lot's ribbon cutting ceremony, held on Sept. 17. Plans for the Phase II shuttle, land negotiations with CSX, and Union Street bridge improvements are currently underway. 

The new Trinidad and Hebard Street lot makes parking at the market easier. Since your vehicle will be parked right across the street, you won't have to worry any longer about whether or not your armful of produce will survive the trek back to your vehicle.

Now, your only tough decision will be which bushel of New York State apples to buy this week! You're on your own with that one. 



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