Residential Refuse and Recycling Collection Schedule

Generalized Day Boundaries for Residential Refuse/Garbage Collection*

The north side of Lyell Avenue from the Genesee River to the Erie Canal, north to Lake Ontario, within city limits.

East of the Genesee River to the city line; north of the Inner loop to city line; the west side of Hudson Avenue to the River; the north side of Clifford Avenue to city line.

The east side of Hudson Avenue, east to 590; south side of Clifford Avenue, south to East Avenue; East Avenue from inner loop to 590/490 split within city limits.

390 west to the river; East Ave south to the canal; the east side of Jefferson Avenue east to the River from CRX Railroad to West Ave/Main Street, Ames Street east to inner loop.

The south side of Lyell Avenue, south to canal; Jefferson Avenue west to the Canal; inner loop/river west to the canal.

Central Business District incorporates everything inside the inner loop.

*If you need more assistance in figuring out your garbage collection day, simply call 311 (from outside of the city, call 585-428-5990) and provide your address to a customer service representative.

Generalized Day Boundaries for Refuse - Garbage Collection (Residential)