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City of Rochester

Water Main Cleaning and Lining Project

About the Project

The City's water main cleaning and lining projects involve rehabilitating existing water mains to improve water quality and available flows for fire-fighting. Hard deposits (formed by corrosion) are removed from the interior of the main and a thin layer of cement mortar is applied to the interior pipe walls to prevent deposits from reforming. Where necessary, temporary water pipes are used to supply water to customers during construction. The City’s contractor is Heitkamp, Inc. They have successfully performed water main cleaning and lining work for the City for the past 7 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

2013 - Cleaning and Lining Project


  • 2013 Project is expected to be completed by June 2014

Construction Update

 Week Beginning April 7, 2014:

  • Cutting in pavement crossings for bypass pipe: Reynolds St., Tremont St., Jefferson Terr., Adams St.
  • Install temporary bypass pipe: Reynolds St., Tremont St., Jefferson Terr., Adams St.
  • Digging access holes: Rockland Pk., Epworth St., Gladstone St., Morgan St., St. Clair St., Tremont St.
  • Transferring services to bypass: Wooden St., Rockland Pk., Epworth St., Gladstone St., Morgan St., St. Clair St., Tremont St.

Streets in 2013 Project

Adams St  Ford Frederick Douglass   Love St  Taylor Silver
Adams St  Jefferson Van Auker   Madison St  Silver W. Main
Addison St  Mansfield Bickford   Magnolia St  S. Plymouth Cottage
Atkinson St  Clarissa S. Plymouth   Melody St  Atkinson Adams
Atkinson St  Reynolds Van Auker   Morgan St  Clifton Tremont
Babbitt Pl  Melody Prospect   Mt. Hope Av  Erie Canal Westfall
Beaver St  Ford Eagle   Mt. Pleasant Pk  S. Plymouth #4 Mt. Pleasant
Cottage St  Magnolia #101 Cottage   Reynolds St  Clifton Adams
Dengler St  Saxton Silver   Riverview Pl  Exchange St Dead End
Eagle St  Troup Atkinson   Rockland Pl  Clifton Jefferson
Eddy St  Taylor Brown   S. Madison Pk  Madison King
Edinburgh St  Clarissa Frederick Douglass   Saxton St  Brown RR Overpass
Elba St  Magnolia Cottage   Silver St  York Dead End
Epworth St  Clifton Dr. Samuel McCree   Silver St  Dengler Brown
Essex St  Silver Brown   Silver St  Jefferson King
Exchange St  Magnolia Violetta   St. Clair St  Clifton Tremont
Fenwick St  S. Plymouth Exchange   Taylor St  Silver Love
Ford St  Troup Favor   Terry St  Brown Jefferson
Frederick Douglass  Adams Sophia   Tilden St  Waverly Atkinson
Garden St  Clarissa Peach   Tremont St  Gladstone Reynolds
Gladstone St  Clifton Tremont   Troup St  S. Plymouth School Al
Harcourt Rd  Lyell Mansfield   Victoria St  Eddy Hertel
Hertel St  Silver Brown   Wentworth St  Brown W. Main
Jefferson Ter  Jefferson Reynolds   Willowbank Pl  W. Main Troup
Kensington St  Silver Brown   Wooden St  Clifton Jefferson Ter
King St  Silver W. Main        

Project Area Maps

What To Expect

  • Advance notice letter issued shortly before construction begins (via door hanger).
  • Contractor must access basement/utility room to temporarily remove water meter and connect temporary hoses. Meter will be stored in customer's basement/utility room.
  • No charge for water usage while meter is removed.
  • Normal quarterly base charge will still be applied to bill. 
  • Water supplied via the temporary bypass pipes is the same water that is in the water main. 

Additional Information

  • Temporary bypass pipes are disinfected and tested by the Monroe County Department of Public Health prior to activation.
  • Access holes in the street will be covered with steel plates at the end of each work day.
  • Traffic flow will be maintained.
  • Access to all driveways will be maintained
  • The lined main will be disinfected and tested by the Monroe County Department of Public Health before it is placed back in service.
  • The Contractor will coordinate with residents to reinstall the water meter and remove the temporary service.
  • All excavations will be permanently backfilled.
  • Surfaces restored to pre-construction condition.
  • May take approximately 1 week to remove asphalt driveway ramps after temporary bypass pipe has been removed.
  • If the contractor can not access your basement/utility room to remove the meter and connect the temporary hoses, water service will not be maintained to your building and the property owner will be responsible for all costs necessary to unplug the water service if it becomes plugged with cement. 


If you have any questions about the project, please contact the City's project manager, Pat O'Connor at (585) 428-7881 or e-mail him. For construction related issues or in the event of an emergency, call the Water Bureau's Dispatch office at (585) 428-7500. This line is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  


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