Focused Investment - Private Demolition Program


The City’s Focused Investment Strategy (FIS) is a 5-year comprehensive community initiative that brings together a diverse range of public and private stakeholders to promote positive change in four strategically selected City neighborhoods. Public and private resources will be invested in each of these areas to build on existing community assets to maximize the greatest return in terms of developing visible improvements and creating positive social perceptions for residents and business owners.


The FIS Private Housing Demolition Program will allow for the removal of vacant and blighted privately-held residential structures located in the FIS areas.


Eligible properties will be those that are identified as unsafe, dangerous or a public nuisance per the guidelines of Section 47-A16 of the City Code. Identified properties will be subject to the City’s private demolition hearing process to determine if the structure should be demolished. FIS stakeholders will work with City Neighborhood Service Center staff to identify candidate properties for the program. The goal is to demolish two or three structures in each FIS area; the funds are sufficient to address a total of 10 demolitions. Property eligibility will be determined between August and September 2009 and are expected to enter the hearing process by the end of September. The timeframe for properties to be demolished is expected to be about nine months, including the three months to obtain a hearing date.


The City expects to provide multi-year allocations (over the 5-year FIS period) for this program depending on availability of funds. A total of $200,000 will be made available for the first year.

Demolition In Action