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City of Rochester

Recruitment Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that may be raised regarding your search for answers to the
Rochester Fire Department Entrance Exam      

How do I become a Rochester Firefighter?  

You can become a Rochester Firefighter by submitting an application to City Hall, 30 Church Street, in room 103A, or by visiting the firefighter employment  web page .  

What is the application deadline?  

We start accepting applications on October 31. All applications must be filed by December 12.  

What is the fee to turn in the application?  

The application fee is $25.00 

When is the exam?  

 January 21, 2011 

How do I use my veteran’s points towards my exam score?  

When you submit your application you will also have to fill out a VC1 from Human Resources

How will I know where to go to take the exam? 

You will be receiving a letter from the City of Rochester that will give you more details on where and when the exam will be held, as well as other information.   

What is the next step after taking the exam?  

You will be contacted by the City of Rochester with more information.

What are the job requirements?  

Be a City resident at time of application; have a high school diploma / GED; be 18 years of age at time of hire; hold a valid NYS Class B Driver’s license, pass a general medical examination, vision and hearing examinations, and a drug test; be in good physical and psychological condition.

I have a Rochester mailing address.  Does that mean I live in the City?

Not necessarily.  To find out if you live within the City limits, go to  maps.cityofrochester.gov/propinfo  and enter your address in under Find Address. 

Do you need any previous experience in firefighting?  

No previous experience is required.  Successful candidates will receive full training after hire.

What type of training is involved?  

Basic Firefighting operations that deal with fire suppression, ventilation, search and rescue, ladder operations and pumping operations. You will also receive EMT training and exposure to other parts of the firefighting job.

How long does it take to become a firefighter?  

After the background and health evaluation is successfully completed, participation in the Rochester Fire Academy program lasts for 17 weeks. There is a one-year probationary period.

What is your work schedule like?  

You will work three 10 hours days with 2 days off, then three 14 hours nights followed by four days off.

What’s the starting salary of firefighter?  

Starting salary for a firefighter is $37,812 and top pay at $66,031 after 5 years.

What types of benefit package do they receive?  

13 paid holidays, vacation time, life insurance, uniform allowance, dental and medical coverage, pension, and a non-traditional work schedule.  

Is there room for advancement?  

Yes, after 3 years of employment you are eligible to take a promotional exam.

I notice there is a requirement to be certified as an EMT within one year.  How does that work? 

You can take an EMT course now and get some experience with emergency medical services, or you can wait and take the class as part of the RFD Training Academy if you are hired.  Several local agencies offer EMT training, and some are also hiring EMTs now.  Search the Internet for more information. 

If I have any more questions who can I contact?  

You can speak with the fire department recruiters David Abdoch (abdochd@cityofrochester.gov) or Alicia Sampson (sampsona@cityofrochester.gov) or by calling 585-428-3690. 



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