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City of Rochester

937-941 Genesee Street– EPA Brownfield Grant Application

About the Project

The City of Rochester has applied for grant funding to complete an Environmental Cleanup project at the City owned property located at 937-941 Genesee Street (Site). This competitive grant opportunity is part of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (USEPA) Brownfield Grant Program which could provide up to $200,000 in funding for remediation of brownfield sites. Grant award results are anticipated in May or June 2013.

The Site consists of one (1) parcel of land and totals 0.248 acres. The Site is currently vacant but recent private investments in the area make the Site a prime candidate for redevelopment.

The Site was occupied by an auto repair facility from 1912 to 1941 and by a dry cleaner from 1946 until its 2009 demolition. The City obtained the property through tax foreclosure in October 2012. Past investigations of the property include:

Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) at the Site indicated the presence of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) impacts in soil and groundwater. Samples taken from eight (8) test borings and three (3) groundwater monitoring wells indicated the presence of: medium weight petroleum hydrocarbons, consistent with diesel fuel; medium weight kerosene; heavy weight lube oil; light weight mineral spirits; and non-chlorinated Stoddard solvent. As part of the grant application, the City will propose a scope of work designed to fully characterize Site conditions, and devise a cleanup strategy that would enable the Site to be redeveloped in the future.


If you have additional questions about the project or the grant application, contact the City’s project manager: Jane MH Forbes, Environmental Specialist, Division of Environmental Quality
(585) 428-7892, or email her at forbesj@cityofrochester.gov

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