RFP - 2018 Rochester Citywide Housing Market Study

About this Project

The City of Rochester is seeking proposals from qualified Consultants to prepare a new Citywide Housing Market Study to help inform housing, development, and neighborhood revitalization strategies for inclusion in its Comprehensive Plan Update, which is currently underway. A new Citywide Housing Market Study is needed to better understand current and potential breadth, depth, and diversity of housing types, markets and market segments, financing tools, and emerging trends, as well as to identify the best data, methods, indicators, and collaborative strategies that can help the City, its residents, and partners to achieve more balanced, sustainable growth.

RFP and Deadline Information

  • Click here for the Housing Market Study RFP

Please submit ten (10) paper copies and one digital copy (CD or thumb drive) of the proposal by 5:00PM on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 to:

Elizabeth Murphy, Senior Planner
Department of Neighborhood and Business Development
30 Church St., Room 005A
Rochester, NY 14614 


Q and A's for the Housing Market Study. 

Notifications about Timeline date changes and amendments to the RFP will be sent by e-mail to Respondents who have provided an e-mail address to the contact above and will be posted here.