RFP - Branch Facilities and Operations Plan

About the Project

Rochester Public Library (RPL) branch services are delivered from ten physical structures and one satellite operation (The Strong National Museum of Play) offering a range of services, collections, programs and community meeting spaces. These branches vary substantially in age, size, layout and access. Over time, communities, neighborhood environments, and activities provided in these facilities change; the facilities may also need to change and adapt to new uses, services and locations.

The RPL seeks strategies to preserve and refresh its branches, to determine any gaps in library services within Rochester, and to produce documentation and recommendations that reflect an all-encompassing view of the RPL’s diverse communities and their library needs and expectations. A branch facilities and operations plan will find innovative ways to connect communities and libraries and address the following objectives:

  • Implement a fiscally responsible approach for recommending building plans for existing facilities, with a focus on improved access, use, and energy efficiency.
  • Based on City demographic and library peer analysis, explore options for library support in underserved and overserved areas of the City.
  • Incorporate new and emerging technologies and tools into our building structures, and determine if alternate means of traditional library operations are feasible.
  • Present opportunities for change and flexibility to suit community needs with partner agencies that serve similar goals of the RPL.
  • Provide a public input process to gather feedback from library users and potential users.
  • Ensure compliance for all accessibility needs, in both structures and services.

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The Consultant’s primary work scope will be to project anticipated population growth in branch service areas, identify a peer grouping of libraries for comparison, establish the number, size, and capacities of library facilities needed for the RPL, evaluate current branch facilities, gauge public priorities for use of library facilities, and assign an action matrix based on agreed categories. Where approved by the RPL, additional recommendations and cost analysis may be expanded for priority actions. It is essential that the consultant demonstrates a solid understanding of public libraries and has the necessary skills and resources to address the diverse mix of services, programs and infrastructure challenges that this project will present.

The RPL shall administer a services agreement with the consultant. Data gathering, facility evaluation and analysis involvement will include City Department of Environmental Services staff. All third-party engagements shall be coordinated by the RPL as project manager. Refer to draft professional services agreement, Appendix A, for full basic services listing.  

This project is funded through the Friends and Foundation of the Rochester Public Library, a separate charitable 501c3 supporting the Rochester Public Library.

Additional Project Documents

Request for Proposals  

One electronic and two (2) hard copies of the proposal are to be submitted no later than 2:00pm, Friday, December 8, 2017 to:

Brie Harrison, Library Finance Officer (brie.harrison@libraryweb.org)
Rochester Public Library
115 South Avenue
Rochester, New York 14604

At least one (1) copy of the proposal will be signed by an officer of the corporation empowered to contractually obligate the firm or consortium.


All inquiries and clarifications concerning the RFP shall be submitted in writing (via email) to Brie Harrison, Finance Officer (brie.harrison@libraryweb.org). Answers to questions submitted by Monday, November 20, 2017 shall be distributed to all inquiring vendors via email distribution. If substantive clarification or revision is required it shall be issued in the form of a formal addendum to the RFP. There will be no pre-proposal meeting held for this project.