DRHS Leadership Team

Dr. Daniele Lyman-Torres
Plans, directs and controls the administration and provision of services by the Department of Recreation and Human Services (i.e., Recreation, Human Services, Public Market, Parks, and Youth Services); Appoints, with the approval of the Mayor, the heads of bureaus, divisions or other operating units that may be established.

Phone:  585-428-7962
Email:    Daniele.lyman-torres@cityofrochester.gov
 Commissioner Pic
Deputy Commissioner
Sarah Fletcher
Oversees and manages the human services functions of the department.  Responsible for the overall direction and supervision of the Human Services bureau and personnel, including but not limited to crisis intervention services, prevention and outreach efforts, and youth services.  Serves as Acting Commissioner as needed.

Phone:  585-428-6338
Email:    Sarah.Fletcher@cityofrochester.gov 

 Deputy Commissioner
Melvin Cross
Manager of Violence Prevention
Oversees the Pathways to Peace Program including outreach and prevention, assessment, intervention, and referral services provided to people in the community.  

Phone: 585-428-8822
Email:   Melvin.Cross@cityofrochester.gov
 Melvin Cross
 James “Jim” Farr
Director of Public Market
Responsible for the operation, and oversight of the Rochester Public Market and the International Plaza including marketing, planning, collaborations, contracts and compliance. Represents the City local, national and international organizations, conferences and forums focusing on markets and food security and acts as a spokesperson for the Market and the Plaza. Develops and implements special events and initiatives at the market/plaza and in the adjoining district.

Phone: 585-428-6866
Email:  James.Farr@cityofrochester.gov
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Christopher Fitzgerald
Director of Animal Services
Responsible for the operation and oversight of Rochester Animal Services.  Develops,  interprets, communicates, and implements the City’s Animal Services policies and programs.

Phone: 585-428-6898
Email:   Chris.fitzgerald@cityofrochester.gov 

Kendra Hayle
Director of Center Operations
Oversee the operation of Community Recreation Centers (R-Center).  Administer program analysis, and manage the delivery of services and program planning process for the R-Centers.  Reviews, approves, and monitors all program plans and modifications at facilities. Evaluates facility effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Phone: 585-6435
Email:   Kendra.Hayle@cityofrochester.gov
Alia Henton-Williams
Manager of Crisis Services
Manages and oversees all aspects of the Crisis Intervention Services Office including community response teams, case management, and victim services. 

Phone:  585-428-1303
Email:    Alia.henton-williams@cityofrochester.gov
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Mai Ho
Manager of Administration 
Responsible for the management of key services within DRHS administrative office.  Oversees and administers the personnel functions, purchasing, contracts, marketing and communications, payroll, leadership development, and the Permit’s Office.

Phone:  585-428-6997
Email:    Mai.Ho@cityofrochester.gov
Arnetta Powell
Manager of Youth Services
responsible for the direction and supervision of youth services programming.  The incumbent is responsible for the design, implementation and evaluation of programs and services focusing on youth employment, youth health and personal development.  

Phone: 585-428-7917
Email:   Arnetta.Powell@cityofrochester.gov 
 Arnetta Powell
Eric Rose
Director of Community Athletics
Responsible for the operations of the Rochester Sports Community Complex, GVP Sports Complex, MLK Ice Rink, and the leadership of all athletic and aquatic programs and services offered by the City of Rochester. Leads the coordination and integration of community sports programs with City of Rochester facilities.  Serves as the liaison to the Rochester City School District for athletics and aquatics.

Phone: 585-428-6481
Email:   Eric.Rose@cityofrochester.gov
Sara Scott
Director of Recreation and Park Stewardship
Manage the operation of recreation and parks programming and project organization.  Oversees several recreation and parks programs including: Waterways, Community programming, Camps, STEAM Engine, 
 Horticulture and Environmental Education, Rec on the Move, Roc Paint, Mobile Play, Senior Programming, AmeriCorps, and Park activation and stewardship.  Serves as the lead for food and nutrition with Summer Meals as well as the COVID relief food distributions. 

Phone:  585-428-8820
Email:    Sara.Scott@cityofrochester.gov


Kiara Warren
Executive Assistant to the Commissioner

Serves as an agent for the Commissioner in procuring information from other members of the administrative staff; Schedules appointments and is responsible for the routing of routine matters to appropriate staff members; responsible for transmission of directives and follow-up on action required; Meets the public directly or by telephone and provides information or resolves minor problems; Supervises and assists in the preparation of all correspondence and inter-bureau business. Processes City Council agenda items; Conducts special assignments as directed.

Phone: 585-428-6157
Email:   Kiara.Warren@cityofrochester.gov