La Marketa at the International Plaza

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 Coming Soon: Fall 2020!

La Marketa At The International Plaza
828 North Clinton Ave., Rochester, NY 14621

The International Plaza is an exciting new City initiative to develop and construct a new Latin-themed event space and marketplace on North Clinton Avenue.  The project will include a variety of vendors and vending options ranging from pop-up tents and carts to more permanent locations housed in retail kiosks, a performance pavilion, dedicated restrooms and a service/storage building.  The International Plaza will provide a community gathering space to celebrate and build on the tremendous arts and cultural assets of the surrounding neighborhood and a spot where local entrepreneurs and/or existing businesses can locate and sell their products and services in a low risk, low cost, flexible environment that is envisioned to become an incubator for neighborhood economic development. 

To learn more about The International Plaza click the link below to download the brochure. 

  <<<Download in English>>>                                                      <<<Download in Spanish>>>

For information regarding application and selection process for The International Plaza retail business kiosks call 585-428-6907 or email

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