News Release - Mayor Evans Provides City Employees One-Time Retention Payment

City of Rochester

News Release

(Tuesday, May 23, 2023) – Mayor Malik D. Evans today announced that he will provide one-time retention payments to most full- and part-time City employees to express his appreciation for their continued efforts in serving the Rochester community. The Mayor’s senior management team, elected officials, interns, and temporary and seasonal employees are not eligible to receive the payment. Sworn employees in the Police and Fire Departments have already negotiated retention payments.

“One of my administration’s core values is care and concern for public employees,” said Mayor Evans. “This payment is a recognition that rewards City employees for their efficiency, dedication and commitment to providing the essential programs, services and events that make Rochester a great place to live, work and play.”

Approximately 1,500 full-time employees will receive a $2,000 payment, and 600 part-time employees will receive a $1,000 payment in their June paychecks. The cost, approximately $4 million, will be funded from the surplus the City expects to generate for its current fiscal year ending June 30. City Council legislation is not required to facilitate the payments.

“This is a meaningful and tangible way that we can make working for the City of Rochester an even more attractive proposition in an increasingly competitive job market,” the Mayor said.