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What is the Summer of Opportunity Program?

The Summer of Opportunity Program (SOOP) is an employment opportunities program for youth, ages 14-20, who are still in middle school or high school or a high school equivalency program (TASC). The program is designed to provide work readiness training and employment opportunities to youth while making a direct connection to success in school. For many youth, this is their first opportunity to gain real-world work experience.

What is the Summer Internship?

Several thousand youth apply to SOOP each year. The Summer Internship is designed for youth who have successfully completed our pre-screening process and display a keen interest in gaining first-hand work experiences in the public, not-for-profit, or private sectors.

How do I participate?

We are actively recruiting worksites that can provide opportunities for youth interns from our program to engage in real-world work experiences in the community. Interested businesses can contact the Youth Employment Services office listed below for more information and a copy of the request form.

Do I have to pay for my intern?

NO! The cost of employee wages is covered by the City of Rochester. The worksites are solely responsible for providing their interns with a meaningful work experience through coaching and mentoring. Youth Employment Services will provide follow-up job coaching to ensure that both program participants and worksite partners have a beneficial and enjoyable experience.


If you have questions, email SOOP@CITYOFROCHESTER.GOV  or call 585-428-6366.


Information for Youth

Video Tutorials

Part 1: Youth Summer Employment Webinar


Part 2: Completing the SOOP/SYEP Application


Part 3: Document Upload Through DocCollect





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