Cornerstone Park Improvement Project

 cornerstone-seats About the project

Cornerstone Park is a 13,000 square foot park located at the corner of Stone and Broad Streets (67-71 Stone Street) in downtown Rochester. The park was developed by the Rochester Telephone Corporation in 1977 to provide a passive green space for the enjoyment of the Rochester community.

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The park perimeter consists of a series of raised planting beds topped by mature pine and small ornamental trees interspersed with perennial plantings. Users are drawn to the central treed area of the park by hexagonal paver walkways. The focal point of the park is a waterfall and fountain feature.

The park has deteriorated over the past 30 years. The fountain has not functioned in over a decade, the timber seating walls have rotted, the pavement is unstable, and the plantings are in decline.

To improve the park, the City applied for and received a grant through the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) Water Quality Improvement Program.  An improved and rehabilitated park will provide a pleasant public space for workers in the adjacent businesses, users of the central library and visitors to downtown. The redesign will make Cornerstone Park an inviting and active public space and a shining example of green infrastructure practices.

  Planned improvements include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Renovation/replacement of the existing water feature;
  • Re-grading for drainage, on-site retention/detention and infiltration of stormwater using detention and permeable pavement;
  • Replacement of park furnishings including retaining walls, seating/tables, pavements, irrigation, bicycle parking, signage and lighting;
  • Selective removal/renovation of existing vegetation, and;
  • Construction of new planting beds, including rain gardens and raised beds, and installation of hardy low maintenance plants.
  • Project Design 

 cornerstone-plaza2 Anticipated Schedule

Preliminary Design Spring 2014
Final Design Fall 2015
Construction Complete  End of 2016

Downloadable Documents

Preliminary Investigations Report


If you have questions or comments concerning the project, please contact the City’s project manager, Jeffery J. Mroczek, at 585-428-7124 or