Lead Service Line Replacement Projects

Today, there is a growing awareness that some homes have lead in their water pipes, fixtures and plumbing. To reduce exposure to lead in drinking water, the City of Rochester has developed a lead service line replacement program with the intent to replace all lead services. Lead presents health concerns for people of all ages, particularly pregnant women, infants and young children. The surest way to protect against lead in water is to get the lead out altogether.

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Current Lead Service Line Replacement Projects:

Our contractors will be replacing existing lead, lead lined and galvanized water services from the water main to the curb shut off valve with new polyethylene water service tubing.  

The locations for this work have been identified by selecting streets that contain water mains that have been previously cleaned and cement lined and that have an abundance of lead, lead lined, or galvanized water services. Work is expected to continue year round when weather permits and will ramp up during the peak construction season.  

Construction work is in progress on the following streets:

Street Name
Water Work
Street / Lawn
Street Name Water Work
Street / Lawn
Edgemont Rd.
Spring 2023 Langslow St. Completed Spring 2023
Elmerston Rd. Completed Spring 2023 Stewart St. Completed Spring 2023
Castleman Rd. Completed Spring 2023 May St. Completed Spring 2023
Irvington Rd. Completed Spring 2023 Furman Cres. Completed Spring 2023
Rossiter Rd. Completed Spring 2023 Reservoir Ave. Completed Spring 2023
Redfern Dr. Completed Spring 2023 Laney Rd. Completed Spring 2023
Rosemont St. Completed Spring 2023 Azalea Rd. Completed Spring 2023
Fort Hill Ter. Completed Spring 2023 Meadowbrook Rd. Completed Spring 2023
Warren St. Completed Spring 2023 Linden St. Completed Spring 2023
Boothe St. Completed Spring 2023 Cypress St. Completed Spring 2023
Southview Ter. Completed Spring 2023 Cook St. Completed Spring 2023
Westview Ter. Completed Spring 2023 Gold St. Completed Spring 2023
Alpine St. Completed Spring 2023 Hickory St. In Progress Spring 2023
Avenue A In Progress Spring 2023      

Project Documents:

View the Fall 2021 project area map. View the 2022 Spring 2A project area maps

Lead Service Line Replacement Projects for Fall / Winter 2022 - 2023

Click Here for the 2022 Spring 2A Lead Service Line Replacement Project public meeting presentation. 

Approximately one week before construction begins on your street, a copy of an Advance Construction Notice will be distributed to each property by door hanger. 

The remaining schedule for the 2022 Spring 2A project is: 

Streets Anticipated Dates
Avenue A, Avenue B, Avenue C, Morril St., Hollenbeck St., Bleile, Belfour, and OK Terrace January - February 2023
Avenue E, Rialto St., Mazda Terrace, Malling Dr., and Dorbeth Rd. February - March 2023
Northview Terrace, Saranac St., Carthage St., Hooker St., Whittier Park, and Teralta St. March - April 2023
NYE Park, Strong St., Tyler St., and Requa St. April - June 2023

*Please note that these dates may change due to unforeseen weather conditions.


Please contact Project Manager Nick Wynne at (585) 428-7049 or by email.