Neighborhood Pace Car Pledge - Car Bumper Sticker Request


To receive and display a Neighborhood Pace Car Bumper Sticker, I pledge to:

  • Be aware of my speed and observe the speed limit;
  • Slow down near schools and other areas such as playgrounds, parks, residential streets where children are present
  • Always yield to pedestrians crossing the street
  • Come to a complete stop at stop signs and then look carefully before proceeding
  • Be courteous to bicyclists and other road users
  • Not tailgate
  • Not block walkways, bike lanes, or driveways when parking
  • Consider using alternate means of transportation and consolidate car trips to lessen traffic on residential streets
  • Display the Pace Car Bumper Sticker on my vehicle so other drivers know why I am driving courteously and at a safe speed
  • Encourage others to sign the pledge. The more Pace Car drivers, the safer our streets will become.

To sign up for a Pace Car Bumper Sticker, please provide the information below and City staff will contact you:


Zip Code:   
I certify/acknowledge that I agree to all pledges above:


For more information, please visit