Community Tree Ambassador Program

The Community Tree Ambassador program is an initiative of the City of Rochester's Forestry Division. Tree Ambassadors have been enlisted to support community outreach, ensuring that the city's Urban Forest MasterPlan is created with input from residents.

Tree Ambassadors will:

  • Conduct door-to-door outreach to build awareness about the Urban Forest Master Plan Update and promote surveys and public meetings/events
  • Assist with the planning and implementation of pop-up events
  • Assist with the planning and implementation of experiential events, such as tree plantings, invasive species removal, and/or walking tours
  • Identify, plan, and lead the implementation of additional outreach events

Tree Ambassadors



Erin "E" Turpin is an urban gardener, artist, and a lover of Rochester. Holding a B.A. in Sustainability and Sociology, she enjoys connecting with people in her community around nature, community development, food access, and environmental justice. During the day she works for Rochester Ecology Partners, where she helps people in Greater Rochester find nature. When she's not working, you can find her hiking, crafting, grabbing a coffee at a local shop, or spending time with her turtle. 
 ELowenstein  Evan Lowenstein is a 25-year Rochester resident. His work focuses on equitable community development, environmental education, positive youth development, and climate change solutions. Evan's primary hobby is photography--he especially loves to create postcards from his favorite local and travel photos. 


 KathrynKelly Kathryn Kelly grew up in the suburbs of Rochester and spent a few years in California after graduating from University. One of the things she missed most was Rochester's Urban Forest, one of our city's greatest assets. Since returning to Rochester, Kathryn has regularly volunteered with The Friends of Washington Grove and enjoys sharing her knowledge and curiosity about trees with friends and neighbors.


 LRivera Lydia Rivera is a civically engaged City of Rochester resident, small business owner, facilitator, consultant, community advocate, and lifelong learner. Lydia’s diverse skill set and lived experiences has led her into leadership roles in her local community. Participating in community driven initiatives like the Cornell Cooperative- Extension Blocks in Blooms Program and the City of Rochester Lyell Avenue Plan has given Lydia a greater understanding of how urban forestry can be used to help improve the quality of life in her neighborhood.


 PaulTremblay Paul Tremblay is a long-time urban forest dweller and one who finds solace in nature. He is a firm believer that trees move us to be better humans: wise, healthy, and kind.



 Mwarren Michael Warren Thomas hosted the Naturally Green gardening show on Rochester radio for 26 years. He has also taught numerous gardening classes at continuing education programs around Monroe County and done presentations to garden clubs throughout the region. Michael graduated from the University of Rochester and began a career as an entrepreneur in the horticulture industry, working to reduce the use of pesticides and increase the planting of native species. He has also been a certified arborist and certified nursery professional.


 FMartin Frank Martin is a warehouse associate, environmentalist, minimalist, and volunteer. 


 Syd  Syd Ferree is an 18-year-old artist and aspiring activist. With an interest in social justice and environmental science, Syd intends to use their knowledge to help uplift others and make the world a better place to live. In their spare time they enjoy playing videogames and creating art.


Questions about the Community Tree Ambassador Program? Contact:

Liz Podowski King at or 281-450-0656



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