Special Events

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Special Events

The Office of Special Events showcases the vitality of Rochester by hosting, promoting, or sponsoring cultural programs that enhance a strong sense of community and attract visitors.  

Annual events organized and administered by the City of Rochester span the seasons and include festivals, concerts, Party in the Park at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park, the July 4th fireworks display, events at the Public Market, tours of city neighborhoods, family-friendly holiday events, boating on the city’s waterways, hikes and bicycle rides on the city’s trail system, and so much more.

Hundreds of event applications are processed by the office year-round and result in over 500 annual events with well over 1.5 million people attending them.

Special Events Permit Application

If you are planning a festival, race/walk, parade, concert, block party (all block parties are required to end by dusk) , film shoot, fireworks display, rally, demonstration, business opening or dedication, or any event on public property, you will need to fill out a permit application. The City will then determine the level of involvement or support service provision that your event requires. Usually, filling out a permit application is just the first step. Once we receive your application, one of our staff members might need to contact you to help guide you through the permit process.

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Special Events Resource Guide

Citizens are encouraged to sponsor special events that enhance the quality of life for residents of the entire community. The City has established special events policies and procedures to ensure the success of such events by providing a system for advance planning, standard information, and basic ground rules that allow special events sponsors to achieve their goals.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Rochester Events Network provides companies and individuals with a unique marketing opportunity to promote their business and demonstrate their commitment to the local community through sponsorship.

Find out more about event sponsorship, or contact Margaret Reichert, Special Events Manager at (585) 428-6690 or via email.  

The City of Rochester would like to extend special thanks to our past corporate sponsors for their demonstrated commitment to our area! 


If you have additional questions about events in the city, about filing a permit application for your event, or about sponsorship opportunities, please contact the Office of Special Events at (585) 428-6690, visit us at City Hall, 30 Church Street, Room 203A, or send an email. If you send us an email, in order for us to serve you better, please include as many details as possible about your event, including the date, location (if it's a race, the exact route), estimated participants and overall attendance. Thank you!