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 2023 Landlord Summit

Event Sponsors

Thank you to these generous sponsors for making this event possible!


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  1. Community Preservation Corporation: 
  2. Avail Property Management Software:
  3. Community Bank N.A.:


Event Materials and Links

All materials shared at the event and a video recording of the presentations will be posted here within 7-10 days of the event. Written responses to questions asked live at the event are expected to be posted within 14 days, as they may require more research.

  1. Video Recording of the Event
  2. Powerpoint Slides
  3. Written Responses to Live Q&A 
  4. Documentation and Instructions: New Civics Property Management Portal
  5. Documentation and Instructions: New Code Compliance Score
  6. Attendee Folder Materials: Agenda and Combined Program Fliers
  7. Attendee Folder Materials: Avail Landlord How-to's and Best Practices 
  8. Attendee Folder Materials City Energy Smart Financial Incentives
  9. Attendee Folder Materials: Certificate of Occupancy Checklist  
  10. Attendee Folder Materials: City Approved Contractor List Invitation

Key Resources Contact Information

For Landlords  For Tenants 
General Questions and Advice
The Housing Council at PathStone
(585) 546-3700 (hotline open between 9am and 1pm, Monday to Friday)

Landlord Tenant Mediation Services
Center for Dispute Settlement
(585) 546-5110

General Assistance Accessing Services
211 Life Line Call Center
Dial: 211, or 1-877-356-9211

Free Financial Counseling
Rochester Financial Empowerment Center

Access to Free Legal Representation
Tenant Defense Project
(585) 504-6195

Prior Summit Materials

2020 Landlord Summit Materials

2019 Landlord Summit Materials