2022 Milling and Resurfacing Project

Project Description

This is a locally funded milling and resurfacing project consisting of four street segments located in the City of Rochester as follows:
  • Chestnut Street from E. Broad St to E. Main St.
  • East Avenue from E. Main St to Alexander St.
  • N. Goodman Street from Peck St. to Bay St.
  • N. Goodman Street from Clifford St. to the City Line
Street improvements will include spot curb replacement, spot sidewalk replacement, curb ramps, adjustment/replacement of valve box frames and covers, storm/sewer manhole frames and covers, catch basin frames and grates, installation of concrete collars, painting of existing street lights and traffic poles, and the installation of new bump-outs and a new crosswalk at select locations.  The project will also include the evaluation of multilane conversions,   parking changes and the addition of bicycle lanes along select segments of Chestnut St. and East Ave.  

Project Team 

City of Rochester
Monroe County
Design Consultant: Bergmann Associates

Key Stakeholders
Northeast Quadrant Service Center
Southeast Quadrant Service Center
Southwest Quadrant Service Center

Project Documents

Project Location Maps 
 2022 MR Project Project Location Maps_Page_1 2022 MR Project Project Location Maps_Page_2

Public Involvement

Public Information Meeting - September 2021

The following documents were presented at the September 29, 2021 Public Meeting:

Anticipated Project Schedule 

Preliminary Design: May 2021 to September 2021
Final Design: September 2021 to December 2021
Bidding and Award: December 2021 to Spring 2022
Construction: Spring 2022 to Fall 2022
For current construction updates refer to the City’s STREET BEAT website. 


For questions, please contact: 
Ruben A. Escobar P.E.
Project Manager
(585) 428-8600