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February 2, 2024: Security enhancements at City Hall

City Hall View From Outside Corner

Employees entering City Hall will notice new security enhancements designed to keep our workplace safe.

Entering at the Link Entrance

On Fridays in February, we will be testing new metal detectors at the Link entrance in an effort to find the perfect balance of safety and convenience.

These walk-through detectors are designed to prevent weapons from being brought into the building.

You will be able to walk through these detectors with your briefcase, purse, and/or bag, but certain objects will set them off.

Smaller metal objects like keys, jewelry, buckles, cell phones, etc. should not trigger the detectors, but laptops and tablets will. To expedite entry, we recommend employees remove those larger metal items from your bags and provide them to security before walking through.

Security may need to search bags or utilize a hand-held wand to identify metal objects that set off the detector.

When the metal detectors are in use, the handicap-accessible entrance will be available only to those requiring extra accommodations.

We appreciate your help and patience as we work together to perfect this process. During the testing phase, we will learn together what sets off the detectors and how to make this process most efficient before we roll out permanent installation on March 1.

Entering at Church Street

Starting March 1, employees entering at Church Street will also be required to remove and provide security with any metal objects that set off the metal detector. Security may also need to utilize the hand-held wand to identify metal objects on your person.

If you have any questions about the upcoming testing, or recommendations on ways to improve our security process, please contact EMAIL.


January 31, 2024: City of Rochester W2s are available now!


City of Rochester W2 forms are now available! There are three ways to access your W2:

Print your W2 at work:

You are encouraged to print your W2 from your work computer on a work printer. Simply click the Workday icon on the My Apps page and click the Tax Documents button on the right-hand side of the screen. Your W2 will download to your computer, and will also be emailed to you.

Step by step instructions: How to print W2 using Workday

Access Workday from home:

Accessing your W2 from home requires Multifactor Authentication. If you don’t already have MFA access, setup requires multiple steps (see instructions here). Contact the IT Help Desk 585-428-7587 (x87587) for assistance.

Step by step instructions: How to register for Multifactor Authentication

To pick up a paper copy of your W2:

Call or email the Department of Human Resources Management at 585-428-7066 (x87066) or and set a time to stop by Room 103-A in City Hall between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Picture ID is required (City badge or driver’s license).


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