Language Access Plan

The city of Rochester, New York, with a population of 210,565, is a diverse community located in Western New York. As with all mid-size and large cities, Rochester benefits from thousands of residents that trace their roots to countries all over the world. Whether they are first generation immigrants or offspring of past immigrants, many in the Rochester community speak languages other than English. Among them, many residents speak little or no English. As the City provides a myriad of services to its diverse population, it is important that City staff are equipped to serve those that face an English language barrier. The City intends for all of its residents to enjoy the services and amenities of this community and will strive to make reasonable accommodations for non-English speakers.

The City of Rochester has prepared this Language Access Plan (“LAP” or “Plan”), which defines the actions to be taken by the City to ensure meaningful access to services, programs and activities on the part of persons who have limited English proficiency (LEP persons) 1. The City will review and update, on a biannual basis, this LAP in order to ensure continued responsiveness to community needs and compliance with the Executive Order 13166.


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