Positive Tickets


On July 26, 2017 Mayor Lovely A. Warren joined Chief Michael Ciminelli, Deputy Chief Wayne Harris, Southeast Neighborhood Service Center Administrator Nancy Johns-Price and Flower City AmeriCorps member Alyce Sanders to announce the re-launch of the Positive Ticket program in Rochester and invite community members and organizations to join the effort. 

This program officially started on Aug. 21, 2017 and identifies and rewards citizens for acts of positive behavior with police-issued “Positive Tickets.”

Officers  issue Positive Tickets to people they see doing good deeds. Good deeds could be helping a resident cross the street safely, helping someone with yard work, assisting a resident by carrying groceries or any other action that positively benefits a neighbor or neighborhood. A Positive Ticket comes with a coupon for food or fun activity as provided by community sponsors.

Partners include: YMCA of Greater Rochester; New Creations Unisex Shop; Domino’s Pizza; McDonald’s; 7/11; Salvatore's; the Rochester Museum and Science Center; Community Asset Partner Network; Flower City AmeriCorps; City R-Center leaders and Library staff; and Youth Voice One Vision.

Interested community members and business owners who would like to be part of the program should contact Kelvin Knight at the Southeast Neighborhood Service Center at 428-7640 or via email at Kelvin.Knight@cityofrochester.gov

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