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Communication, Determination, Respect and Teamwork: That is YVOV!


Youth Voice, One Vision is a group of young people who represent the voice and issues of the youth in Rochester as the Mayor's Youth Advisory Council. Working together to create opportunities, events and activities that inspire our community in a positive way.


YVOV, the Mayor's Youth Advisory Council, is dedicated to connecting, training and advising Rochester's youth leaders, city governance, adult advisors and community stakeholders. The goal is to establish a diverse membership of youth who can provide expertise in various fields and inform, and impact policies related to youth issue.

 YVOV Objectives 

  • Conduct on-going community out reach and assessments to identify youth priorities
  • Advise the Mayor and other City officials on a regular basis on issues of importance to Rochester youth
  • Carry out youth led projects and initiative to impact community change


Youth Voice, One Vision: The Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council (YVOV) is an active council of young people working together to make Rochester a better place to live, and is coordinated by the Bureau of Recreation. YVOV has a strong and stable presence in Rochester. The program began as the City/County Youth Council in 1996, re-branded itself as Youth Voice, One Vision in 2001 in response to Mayor Johnson’s Renaissance 2010 Plan, and most recently was recognized by Mayor Lovely A. Warren as the official Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council.

Youth Voice, One Vision currently has over 100 active members who come together regularly for training and networking opportunities, service learning initiatives, and youth-led community conversations. Members take an active leadership role in planning service projects, making decisions collectively, and finding solutions for issues that affect our community. The council works in collaboration with youth across the county, as well as local adult officials, to develop ideas that become life changing programs and initiatives for the community.
Youth, adults, organized youth groups and other community organizations are all welcome. All members experience being a part of a powerful young team!

Join the Leadership Board

Are you interested in learning more about the inner workings of City Hall? Are you ready to help build an action plan to help bring the priorities and concerns of youth in the City of Rochester to the forefront of community conversations? Youth Voice, One Vision is currently accepting applications for youth ages 12-18 to serve on our Leadership Board.  
While part of these committee you will have an opportunity to:
• Create and formalize a Youth Master Plan for the 2016-17 School year and beyond
• Plan and facilitate Youth Voice, One Vision Full Council Meetings for 60+ young people
• Interact and share information with City Council Members and other elected officials
• Create and announce City-wide resolutions that support youth.

 Executive Committee

• The Mayor’s Strategic Planning Survey
• Oversee and understand the information in the Youth Leadership Guide
• Set agenda for Full Council Meetings/ R-Center Liasion
• Meet twice a month as a group to create an agenda and partake in legislative, policy, etc. training
• RCTV Radio/TV Broadcast
• Advises  the Mayor and City governance on issues /concern of youth within the community

Event Planing Committee

• Providing Opportunities for Team Building/Networking through Events and activities (Once a Month)
• Steppin’ Up to Solutions (SUTS)
• Global Youth Service Day (GYSD)
• Beach Bash
• CYD Partnership (Nazareth College)
• SOAR/YVOV Partnership-Roc Stars Talent Show

Service Learning Committee

•Responsible for  service learning projects for youth  
•Assist Event Panning Committee on annual event 
•Quarterly reflection meetings   


Public Safety Committee (Rochester Police Department)

•Meet with criminal justice leaders 
•Learn about career opportunities within the criminal justice system  
•Meet with local law enforcement leaders


   Submit an here>>> Online Application 

  Download  printable version here>>> Paper Application 


To find out more about getting involved, contact Tremain Harris, Coordinator at 428-6360 or 

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Councils at the R-Centers

Several of the City of Rochester’s R-Centers have active Youth Voice, One Vision youth councils. Each center council has a different focus, depending on the interest of the young people involved, but all centers work to create youth-led experiences that strengthen the knowledge and leadership skills of our young people. Each center-based youth council is coordinated by City of Rochester Recreation staff members. A list of centers with active Youth Voice, On Vision youth councils is below with the name of the adult advisors:

  Adams Street R-Center, Advisor: TBA

Avenue D R-Center, Advisor: TBA

 Campbell Street R-Center, Advisor: TBA

Carter Street R-Center, Advisor: TBA
David F. Gantt R-Center, Advisor: TBA

Edgerton R-Center, Advisor: TBA

  Flint Street R-Center, Advisor: TBA

 Frederick Douglass R-Center, Advisor: TBA

 Humbolt R-Center, Advisor: TBA

 Thomas P. Ryan R-Center, Advisor: TBA

Service Learning

YVOV has teamed up with Nazareth College Center to incorporate service learning projects into our regular program activities. With the help of adult advisors, YVOV has provided service to homeless youth, women and children, veterans, the elderly and many other groups.
Your ideas for more Service Learning Projects are needed and welcome. 

Special Events and Initiatives 

Youth Voice, One Vision sponsors monthly citywide special events for youth and families. Special events include dances, workshops, trainings, conferences, community service projects, and celebrations and fund raisers.

Everyone Matters Day
On April 12, 2016 YVOV in collaboration with Art Force Five (Alfred University) and "Everyone Matters" initiative created a mosaic, designed by youth titled Rochester's Foundation. This day was proclaimed by City of Rochester Mayor Lovely A. Warren as "Everyone Matters Day!" 
“Steppin’ Up to Solutions” Conference
The Steppin’ Up To Solutions conference began in 1996 as a forum for youth and adults from across Monroe County to collectively develop practical solutions to local issues of concern. At this all-day summit, youth and adult teams learn how to create, fund, and implement service projects that address an identified community need through the Steppin’ Up To Solutions step-by-step group planning process. To date, YVOV has sponsored over a dozen conferences that have included Steppin’ Up to Solutions planning sessions as well as youth designed workshops focusing on topics such as advocacy, social media, and stereotyping. Youth groups have the opportunity to compete for $300- $500 to use toward a service learning project of their choice. 

Roc Stars / Global Youth Service Day

Recognizing the importance of service and highlighting youth’s volunteer contributions to the community, Youth Voice, One Vision celebrates International Global Youth Service Day annually in April. The format of this event changes each year depending on the goals and interests of youth leaders and community partners, but always focuses on the how giving back affects the individual and the community. Youth Voice, One Vision  partners with the SOAR Youth Leadership teams and ends the day with the Roc Stars Youth Talent Show. The talent show winners record a professional collaboration song and star in a music video.  


• 2008-2009 Nazareth College Center for Service Learning Community Partner Service-Learning Champion Award
• 2008 New York State Recreation and Parks Society Special Events Award (All City Fashion Show)
• 2007 Genesee Valley Recreation and Parks Society Special Events Award (All City Fashion Show)
• 2006 National Youth Crime Watch Prevention Community Program (Site of the Year)
• 2006 Genesee Valley Recreation and Parks Society Special Events Award (All Star Challenge)
• 2005 Alliance for Community Media First Place for Educational Profile Non-Professional (Talk Show) YVOV Logo Red
• 2005 Genesee Valley Recreation and Parks Society Special Events Award (Gardiner Mural Painting


For more information, Tremain Harris, Coordinator at 428-6360 or