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We're Seeking Your Rochester Public Market Stories!  

Public Market Stories I 

Would you like to share your favorite Rochester Public Market story? Is it a story of the Market from your youth? Of a grandparent that visited decades ago or was a vendor? About a friend you made here, or about a memorable thing that happened one Saturday?

We've held two Share Your Market Stories Days at the Market--we videotaped your favorite Market Stories! The videos on this page are the results of our outreach.

Public Market Stories was inspired by NPR's powerful StoryCorps, a national initiative through which people from all walks of life and experience share and preserve the stories of their lives. It was also inspired by our America's Favorite Farmers Market campaign when many people who came to the Market Office to cast a vote told or wrote of their memories of the Market. For example, one gentleman said he'd been coming to the market for over seven decades. Another recollected walking to the Market every Saturday during mid-century, along streets that don't even exist anymore (they where there the Inner Loop highway is now). We want to capture these kinds of stories! 

We are reaching you now through the internet, but we know many people who have great stories may not use computers regularly. We definitely want to reach them with this opportunity-- so if you know of people who fit this description, we'd be grateful if you let them know about Share Your Market Stories! 


Public Market Stories II

If you have questions, contact the Market Office on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Saturday mornings at (585) 428-7282. Or, email

Please note that the stories we seek are stories of market experiences--not so much expressions of how much you love the Market, how much you wish there was more parking, etc.! Such expressions are welcome, however, as part of your story (well, maybe not the parking thing).

If you'd like to share your Market story in writing, we'd love to read it, and possibly use it in our outreach and special projects!

Send your story to

You can see other Market video, photos, news features and more at our Market Media page.

See you at the Market!