Public Market


 Market Days Schedule  (Year Round) 
 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays
5 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays  
 (Closed Thanksgiving and federal holidays)
Phone: 585-428-6907
280 N. Union St. (map) 
Rochester, NY.14609
 Special Events
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 Coronavirus Response:  The City of Rochester Public Market is open on regular Market Days (Tues, Thurs, and Sat.) We will continue to take guidance from the City of Rochester's Special Event Office pertaining to special events at the market amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic. Call the market office for details at 585-428-6907. 

Vendor Delivery/Curbside Pickup: Many Market vendors are now offering delivery, pre-order, and curbside pickup options to minimize contact and continue to serve the Rochester community. Learn more>>

Safety Guidelines for Shoppers and Vendors

Welcome to the Market!

Rochester's City-run Public Market has served the community at its 280 North Union Street site since 1905, and is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, year-round. Vendors--occupying over 300 vending stalls on busiest Saturdays--offer local produce; produce from around the country and world; meats and seafood; eggs and dairy products; ethnic delicacies; prepared and packaged foods; specialty items; general merchandise; and more in three covered outdoor vendor sheds and also a fully indoor shed. In addition, an array of independent local businesses--cafes, food stands, coffee shops, specialty food purveyors, breweries, retail shops, and more--can be found on Market grounds and in the surrounding Market District. 

Transportation and Parking

There are five free City-owned Market parking lots: Railroad Street (accessible from Railroad St. or Pennsylvania Ave.); Union Street (a small lot inside the Union St. arch/gate); a large lot across Union Street from Market grounds (accessible from Trinidad or Scio Streets--the Scio entrance is highly recommended on Saturdays); and two small lots at the corners of Pennsylvania and First, and Pennsylvania/Union. Public street parking and paid private lot parking are also available in the surrounding Market District. An open-air Market Trolley circulates around the grounds and to/from parking lots from May through October. A pedestrian and bicycle bridge over Union Street is available to and from the large Trinidad/Scio Street lot.  View a parking map

Carpooling,  taking the bus, cycling, or walking is encouraged. Check out our Bike Incentive/Reward Program!

   Market Token Program for SNAP 'Food Stamp' Benefit Recipients

The Market Token Program provides special wooden Tokens to those with SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)  benefits that can be used to buy food products from over 100 participating Market vendors. SNAP recipients using their benefits at the Market also can receive a 40% bonus via the New York State Fresh Connect Program.

The Market Token Program Center is behind the Market Office (two-story brick house) in the small white boxcar-like building, and is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., and Saturdays from 6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Learn more>> Might you qualify for SNAP?

 Vendor Applications and Instructions 

The Market offers merchants a volume and variety of enthusiastic, loyal customers. There are four vending sheds, three outdoor covered open-air ("A", "C", and "D") and one enclosed ("B").  Open-air and enclosed shed stalls are available on a daily basis; some open-air outdoor stalls may be available for seasonal or annual licenses. For specific rental rates, license availability information, and other vending information: call the Market Supervisor, Tuesday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (585) 428-6907, or email  Or, click here for a page that includes information, instructions, and applications for regular market and special event vendors.

  Free-Admission Special Events Throughout the Year 

The Market hosts almost 50 days annually of free-admission special events! Sunday Greatest Community Garage Sales and Super Fleas, Flower City Days, Bands on the Bricks, Food Truck Rodeos, Gospel Jubilee, Artist Row, Halloween at the Market, Holidays at the Market...these and more events add to the Market's variety and offerings to the community. 
 See the Special Events page

 Market Renovations and Additions 

The Market completed $8.5 million of renovations and additions in summer 2017. 
 Learn about the elements of this project 

 Farmer at Harvest Jamboree in the Public Market.
 Friends of the Rochester Public Market:  Making the Market More 

The  Friends of the Public Market is a non-profit organization that exists to "make the Market more." The Friends serve the Market in many important ways: they manage the Market Token Program for SNAP recipients, Market-branded merchandise sales, Market Tours, the circulator Trolley, run the annual Artist Row event, and much more. If you love the Market, the Friends are a great way to get more involved and immersed!

WH @ RPM Electronic Market Bulletin  

The Market publishes a short electronic bulletin every 2-3 weeks, WH@RPM (What's Happening at the Rochester Public Market).  These short and sweet 'blasts' are great for getting Market information and inspiration!  We also make the issues of this electronic bulletin available in print at the Market. Go to the WH@RPM page to learn more and subscribe to receive the bulletins by e-mail.

Market-Branded Merchandise and Gift Tokens 

The Friends of the Public Market sell a wide array of Market-branded merchandise, to include shopping bags, hooded sweatshirts, tee shirts, caps, travel mugs, "onesies" for baby, history books, cookbooks, aprons, bumper stickers, and more.  The Friends also sell Market Gift Tokens, which guarantee glee for the Market lovers in your life! Market merchandise is on sale May through September under the red tent near the Union Street gateway (8 a.m. through 1 p.m.), and from October through April at the Market Token Center, the white boxcar-like building behind the Market Office (brick house at the center of the grounds). See the Market Merchandise page   

 The Market in Many Media

The Market is a magnet for photographers, videographers, filmmakers, writers, TV and radio stations, publications, and many other kinds of creatives. See a sampling of their work

 Public Market Tours   

The Friends of the Rochester Market, our non-profit partner, offers Market tours to adults and youth.  The tours focus on the past, present, and future of the Market.  Learn more about our tours; make an inquiry by calling 585-428-7292.

Flower City Pickers 

A fully volunteer non profit, the Flower City Pickers are dedicated to collecting food every Market day and providing it to community organizations and neighbors in need. They also divert food waste to farmers for animal feed and for composting.

 Learn more about the Pickers

Over a Century of Service 

The Market has been a hub of commerce, culture, and community on its Union Street site since 1905.

 Explore the Market's marvelous history, and see some great pictures from yesteryear.

 Important Rules and Regulations 

No vending product without approved application, payment, and vending space assigned by Market Supervisors.

No smoking under/inside or near the sheds or where food is displayed or consumed.  If you see smoking in off-limits places--which includes places where smoke could easily drift under or inside vendor sheds, please report it to security or the Market Office.

Vehicular speed limit on the grounds of the Market is 15 mph at all times.

No parking in places that are not obvious, designated parking spots.

No dogs or other pets are allowed under the cover of the outdoor sheds, or in the indoor shed, except for service animals. And do not leave dogs in vehicles. A car can heat up to over 100 degrees even when it feels cool outside!

No posting of flyers anywhere on Market grounds; no dropping of promotional literature of any kind without Market permission.

No throwing away of materials that can be dropped for recycling in the Market's blue recycling toters: aluminum cans, plastic bottles, glass containers, steel/metal containers, empty plastic cups, cardboard and paperboard (like cereal box material), mixed paper. NO Styrofoam containers or any food or drink residues in the blue bins, please! 

 Get Involved 

There are many ways to get more immersed in the life of the Market! For example:

 Volunteer with the Friends of the Rochester Public Market 
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Address:  280 North Union Street, Rochester NY 14609 View a map 
Market Office:  (585) 428-6907