Parking & Municipal Code Violations Bureau

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Sarah Nowack, Interim Director of Parking

Director's Message

Residents and visitors are on the move in Rochester; living, working, studying, vacationing and otherwise enjoying Rochester's history, diversity and opportunity. Most of them drive cars, trucks or motorcycles to get to their destinations.

The City's Bureau of Parking is committed to providing a positive experience for everyone who parks his or her vehicle in a City garage or lot or on city streets. We rely on knowledgeable staff who maintain our parking venues, answer questions about parking issues, enforce the traffic code, ensure fair hearings when concerns about parking tickets arise, and maintain the technology that helps keep vehicles parking and moving safely.

If you have questions about the Parking Bureau and its various functions, you can call and speak with a customer service representative, or you can send an e-mail. Provide contact information, and we will respond within twenty-four hours, either to provide assistance or to connect you with someone who can assist you.

Parking Violations Bureau: Parking tickets, booting, and hearings
Call 311 (outside city limits call 585-428-5990 or 585-428-7484)
Parking Administrative Services: City parking garages, monthly parking
On-Street Parking: Parking meters and pay stations
Call 311 (outside city limits call 585-428-5990 or 585-428-7484)
Parking Enforcement: To report illegal parking, or for other parking enforcement matters
Call 311 (outside city limits call 585-428-5990 or 585-428-7484)

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Parking Administrative Services

Parking Administrative Services oversees downtown City-owned parking garages, on-street parking, installation and maintenance of parking meters, collection of parking meter revenue, and the activity of parking enforcement officers. 

Downtown Parking Garages and Lots

Convenient parking downtown is available at the City's parking garages and lots. Monthly parking is an option for commuters and those who are downtown on a regular basis. Map of City Garages, Monthly Permit Terms of Use, and More about Lots.

On-street Parking

Rochester’s parking regulations are designed to promote traffic flow, pedestrian safety, and availability of parking spaces on city streets. A variety of street signs placed along city streets indicate the parking regulations that apply. In addition to signs, parking meters are in place to provide on-street parking to as many vehicles as possible. This promotes turnover that is necessary for businesses to survive. More...

Parking and Municipal Codes Violation Bureau

The Parking and Municipal Codes Violations Bureau oversees hearings for and collections of fines for parking infractions and municipal code violations.

Parking Tickets

Parking tickets are issued for violations of parking regulations. The registered owner of the vehicle is responsible for any tickets received on their vehicle and has thirty days from the date of issue to pay the ticket without the additional fees. Tickets can be contested in a scheduled hearing at 200 East Main Street, Suite B-001, Rochester, NY 14604.

The registered owner of a vehicle must either be present for a hearing or must provide a notarized authorization for an operator to appear on his or her behalf.

Pay a Parking Ticket online.

Municipal Code Violations

Rochester’s municipal code helps maintain the safety and attractiveness of buildings and properties in the city. When municipal code violation tickets are issued, they can be paid or contested in the same way as parking tickets.

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