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Do The Right Thing Program


The Do the Right Thing program is designed to positively impact the youth of our area by publicly recognizing children who distinguish themselves by their behavior, establishing them as role models for their peers. They achieve this status by committing "random acts of kindness", or simply by "doing the right thing"! 

Any adult from the community can simply fill out a nomination form and submit it for selection each month. This includes parents, teacher, employers, neighbors and relatives, to name a few. Nomination forms can be obtained at any Patrol Division Office, the Office of the Chief of Police, or at the "Do the Right Thing" site.  For more information call (585) 428-7863. 

2013-2014 School Year

March/April 2014 "Do the Right Thing" Award Winners

This ceremony was held on Thursday, April 10, 2014 at the Public Safety Building. The following students were honored: 

March 2014 Winners:
Kobe McCray                              5th Grade                          Neil Armstrong Elementary School
Spencer Burns                             8th Grade                         John Walton Spencer School #16
Assia Bukuru                             10th Grade                         Rochester Early College High School
Rayne Webb                              12th Grade                         Rochester Early College High School

April 2014 Winners:
Bryan Cicilia                              12th Grade                         All City High @the Marshall Campus
Calvin Moyer                               6th Grade                         Oliver Middle School
Diamante Swift                          12th Grade                         STEM High School
Muhaimin Muhammad                 7th Grade                         Mary McLeod Bethune School #45
Samad Muhammad                      7th Grade                         Mary McLeod Bethune School #45   

 January/February 2014 “Do the Right Thing” Award Winners

This ceremony was held on Thursday, February 13, 2014 at the Public Safety Building. The following students were honored:

January 2014 Winners: 
Laurence Cotton                     11th Grade                     Vanguard Collegiate High School
Teagan Holmes                         5th Grade                     Northside Elementary
Sarah Danesh                            5th Grade                     Northside Elementary
Elisabeth Liberatore                  5th Grade                     Northside Elementary
Jennel Bryce                            12th Grade                     Vanguard Collegiate High School

February 2014 Winners:
Natalie Hoppe                         12th Grade                     Penfield High School
Kyonna Ford                             5th Grade                     John Walters Spencer School #16
Deonna Baker                           5th Grade                     Nathaniel Hawthorne School #25
Imani Hughes                            5th Grade                     Nathaniel Hawthorne School #25
Stefano Onderdonk                 12th Grade                     McQuaid Jesuit High School 


November/December 2013 “Do the Right Thing” Award Winners

The first ceremony for this school year was held on Thursday, December 12, 2013 at the Public Safety Building. The following students were honored:

November 2013 Winners: 
Steven Edwards                     12th Grade                 East High School
Todd Williams                         5th Grade                 Rochester Preparatory School
Nilaya Ocasio                          6th Grade                 Kodak Park School #41
Skylar Johnson                        9th Grade                 Brockport High School
Cosmo Lucania                       4th Grade                 Webster Plank Road South

December 2013 Winners: 
Laitiana Williams                      6th Grade                 Montessori Academy #53
Marquis Young                      12th Grade                 Fairport High School
Anthony Burkins                      6th Grade                 Francis Parker School #23
Neriah Santiago                     12th Grade                 School of the Arts
Jonathan Chanthavong             5th Grade                 Abelard Reynolds School #42

September/October 2013 “Do the Right Thing” Award Winners

No ceremony for this period.


2012-2013 School Year

May/June 2013 “Do the Right Thing” Award Winners

The last ceremony of the 2012-2013 school year was held on Thursday, June 6, 2013 at the Public Safety Building.

May 2013 Winners 
Taysha Arroyo                      6th Grade                 Joseph C. Wilson Foundation
Karenna Thomas                  6th Grade                  Joseph C. Wilson Foundation
Traci Weinstein                    3rd Grade                  Listwood Elementary School in Irondequoit
Carlos Mazzoni                    7th Grade                  East High School
Jaresse Kirkland                   5th Grade                  School #1

June 2013 Winners 
Mark Price                           12th Grade                East High School
Donald Calloway                  10th Grade                Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School
Julie Caruso                         12th Grade                Gates Chili High School
Peyton Starling                    11th Grade                Brighton High School
Jarek Wierzba                      12th Grade                Rush-Henrietta High School

March/April 2013 “Do the Right Thing” Award Winners

The March/April 2013 ceremony was held on Thursday, April 11, 2013 at the Public Safety Building. The following students were honored:

March 2013 Winners
Marcus Hobby                    6th Grade                        General Elwell S. Otis School #30
Shanique Davis                 11th Grade                        Vanguard Collegiate High School
Tayanna Chandler             11th Grade                        Vanguard Collegiate High School
Michael Wilson                  10th Grade                        Leadership Academy for Young Men
NyZiria Simmons                 1st Grade                        Discovery Charter School

April 2013 Winners
Chloe Cameron                  5th Grade                        Craig Hill Elementary (Greece)
Arthur Fields III                   9th Grade                        Leadership Academy for Young Men
Deashawn Sturgis               9th Grade                         Leadership Academy for Young Men
Aaron Pelc                         9th Grade                         Irondequoit High School (Irondequoit)
Marisa DeLeon                  12th Grade                        School without Walls
Ramon Goff                        1st Grade                         Mary McLeod Bethune School #45

January/February 2013 “Do the Right Thing” Award Winners

The January/February 2013 ceremony was held on Thursday, February 7, 2013. The following students were honored:

January 2013 Winners
Latrell Thomas                      1st Grade                     Nathaniel Hawthorne Elementary School #25
Morgan McMahon                 6th Grade                     Honeoye Falls Lima Middle School
Alana Britton                        6th Grade                     Charles Carroll Elementary School #46
Janon Lucas                          7th Grade                     East High School
Alexandra Neu                     5th Grade                     Florence Brasser Elementary School (Gates-Chili)

February 2013 Winners
Julea Farchione                     4th Grade                     Northside Elementary School (Fairport)
Mairin Farchione                   4th Grade                     Northside Elementary School (Fairport)
Natalie Farchione                  4th Grade                     Northside Elementary School (Fairport)
Eniderushka Cruz                  3rd Grade                    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School #9
Samiyah Haig                        4th Grade                     Nathaniel Hawthorne Elementary School #25
Kimar Anderson                    6th Grade                    Odyssey Middle School (Greece)

November/December 2012 “Do the Right Thing” Award Winners

The November/December 2012 ceremony was held on Thursday, December 13, 2012.  The following students were honored:

November 2012 Winners:
Kailee Fisher                           4th Grade                  Craig Hill Elementary School
Rose Palmer                           4th Grade                  Craig Hill Elementary School
Qwaheem Marshall                12th Grade                  Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School
Lydia Arthur                          12th Grade                  Brockport High School
Yamila Torres                         8th Grade                  East High School

December 2012 Winners: 
William McDermott                 9th Grade                  University Prepatory Charter School
Adriana Facen                        8th Grade                  East High School
Joseph Newborn Jr.                Pre-K                        English Village Elementary School
Parker Majchrzak                   6th Grade                  James PB Duffy School No. 12
Ryan Tubiolo                         7th Grade                  Willink Middle School

September/October 2012 “Do the Right Thing” Award Winners

The first ceremony for this school year was held on Thursday, October 18, 2012. The following students were honored:

September 2012 Winners:
Ashley Hand                          2nd Grade               Theodore Roosevelt School # 43
Mi’ron Manley                        8th Grade               Adlai E. Stevenson School #29
Jared Piccarreto                     2nd Grade              English Village Elementary School
Allison Bausch                        3rd Grade              Northside Elementary

October 2012 Winners:
Ishmel Zion McKnight              4th Grade             Crestwood Children’s Center
Jaeden Cortes                        4th Grade              Plank Road South
Jacob Cardinal                       10th Grade            Odyssey Academy
Tivoli Aylish Skye Mustaca       12th Grade            Rush Henrietta Senior High School


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