Rochester Police Department Office of the Chief of Police

The Office of the Chief of Police consists of Rochester's Police Chief Michael L. Ciminelli and appointed staff, the Deputy Chief of Communications and Professional Standards Section.  The Chief’s Office is responsible for managing the entire Department, overseeing internal investigations and initiatives regarding police-community relations. It is of the utmost importance to the Rochester Police Department (RPD) to remain transparent to the community in which we protect and serve.

The Professional Standards Section (PSS) - is responsible for investigating complaints of police action or misconduct in a thorough, yet objective manner, conducting civil claim investigations for the City's Corporation Counsel, the administrative review of fleet vehicle accident investigations and other investigations directed by the Chief of Police. PSS maintains the RPD's official disciplinary records with the primary goal of assuring the public that police misconduct will not be tolerated, while at the same time providing a review process by which officers unjustly accused can be vindicated. The Long-Term Disability Unit also comes within the overall responsibilities of PSS, which monitors the status of disabled personnel due to illness or injury that prevents them from carrying out the regular performance of their duties.

You can contact the Office of the Chief of Police by calling (585) 428-7033.