Rochester Fire Department

      John Schreiber, Fire ChiefThe highly professional men and women of the Rochester Fire Department pride themselves in the excellent service they offer to everyone who lives, visits or works in our community. We all have a role in making this strategy work.

Our 18 fire companies, located in 15 neighborhood fire stations and the Community Outreach Unit are eager to help you improve the safety of your home, block group or neighborhood. Working together, we can design a home fire escape plan or conduct a safety audit of your home that will help prevent falls and other types of injuries.

We are here to serve you. Make us a part of your next block club, neighborhood get together or invite us to meet with you to discuss fire safety and prevention. When you do that, you become an active participant in the Department's vision of making Rochester the best and safest mid-sized city in the United States.

About the Rochester Fire Department

The Rochester Fire Department has over 500 uniformed and non-uniformed members, which represent the ethnicity of the community as a whole. The department was established with the mission of saving lives and property.  This was accomplished primarily by fire fighting.  Although the mission is still the same, firefighters on the department today perform various other duties as well.  Firefighters respond to numerous emergency situations, such as, vehicle extrication, medical emergencies, high-level rescue, hazardous materials incidents, structural collapse, swift water rescue, and many more emergency operations.

Our support staff is also a critical component of the department. The Fire Chief's Office is responsible for the overall management of the Department. These responsibilities include the establishment of personnel standards and policies, work schedules, public relations, training and the continuous review of operations and performance. Other areas of responsibility focus on fiscal control, personnel management, resource procurement and the coordination of the annual budget preparation.