Thurston Village Revitalization Project

About the ProjectThurston-Village-gateway-fe

The Thurston Village Revitalization Project includes the design and construction of Right of Way improvements on Thurston Rd between Ravenwood Ave and Brooks Ave. These improvements will enhance the urban village feel of the corridor. The City will explore opportunities for Improvements in aesthetics, lighting, safety, street furniture, street trees, walkability, traffic, signage and gateway features as part of this project.

Project Background

The City has been using a 4-step planning process for the development of revitalization plans for the City’s neighborhood commercial areas. The simple yet comprehensive community planning approach includes extensive community and stakeholder participation, the development of a vision, an economic overview, a community design plan, and an action/implementation strategy. The process is flexible, community-based, and action oriented. A modified version of the 4-step process was used to develop the Thurston Village Revitalization Plan. This project is an outcome of each of the four planning steps.

The planning area encompasses the Thurston Rd. corridor from Ravenwood Ave. to Brooks Ave. The area includes primarily commercial and mixed-use buildings with some single-family and multi-family residential buildings.


This project will be locally funded with no federal or state funds anticipated.


  • Consultant Selection May, 2013
  • Begin Design June, 2013
  • Final Plans, Specifications and Estimate, Spring, 2014
  • Receive Construction Bids, Spring, 2014
  • Begin Construction, Summer, 2014
  • Substantially Complete, Spring 2015

Project Design Team

Project Management    City of Rochester - Department of Environmental Services  
Project Design    Erdman Anthony Engineering Consultants   
Landscape Architects    Trowbridge Wolf Michaels Landscape Architects 
Public Outreach    Ingalls Planning & Design 

Project Documents

Public Participation 

A Public Meeting was held on Wednesday, April 2nd 2014, to discuss final design aspects of the project, receive feedback and answer questions.

The first of two Public Meetings was held on Tuesday, December 17, 2013.  Members of the Thurston Village design team sought initial feedback from the public and stakeholders on preliminary design alternatives, scope, and themes.   

Steering Committee Meeting Minutes:  

In 2007 the City hosted two Visioning Workshops and one Community Planning and Design Workshop.  These community meetings resulted in the 2009 Thurston Road Revitalization Plan


If you have questions, comments or need additional information, contact the City's Project Manager, Mr. Jason Nabewaniec at (585) 428-8858 or email him.