Department of Environmental Services

Commissioner Norman H. JonesCommissioner’s Message

The Department of Environmental Services (DES) is committed to assuring a clean, safe and accessible environment for our City’s residents, businesses and visitors. DES is a department for all seasons which collects refuse, recyclables, loose leaves, construct buildings, bridges and roads, clean and repairs our streets, maintains our water system, parks and cemeteries, provides snow and ice control, mows and beautifies gateways, open spaces and vacant lots, plants and trims trees, and much more. We are the stewards of the Flower/Flour City!

We are dedicated to incorporating green initiatives as a way of doing business, and we are in your neighborhood on a weekly and daily basis, delivering reliable high-quality customer service to our citizens.

Commissioner Norman H. Jones

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Commissioner Norman H. Jones
City of Rochester Department of Environmental Services
30 Church Street Room 300B
Rochester, NY 14614

(585) 428-6855 or Email him