News Release - City, County, and Urban League of Rochester Hold Community Meeting to Announce Next Steps in RASE Initiative

City of Rochester 

News Release 


Community Members Invited to Join Community Advancing Recommendation Teams


(Friday, Dec. 2, 2022) – Community members are invited to join the Urban League of Rochester, City of Rochester, and Monroe County for an open meeting to learn about progress made on Racial and Structural Equity (RASE) recommendations, plans to continue the RASE work, and how community members can get involved to help make Rochester a more equitable city.


The meeting will be held on Monday, Dec. 5 at 6:30 p.m., via Zoom. Registration is required at


The Urban League will introduce specific opportunities for community members to get involved in one of the new RASE Community Advancing Recommendation Teams (CARTs). Each team will focus on one topic, following the RASE recommendation areas of focus:


  1. Business Development
  2. Criminal Justice and Policing
  3. Education
  4. Healthcare
  5. Housing
  6. Human/Social Services
  7. Job Creation
  8. Mental Health/Addiction Services
  9. Older Adults


The Commission on Racial and Structural Equity (RASE) was appointed in 2020 as a joint effort between the City of Rochester and Monroe County to identify areas of structural inequity across the community and recommend specific change to achieve equity for all citizens. Three Co-Chairs, 21 Commissioners, and more than 200 community members reviewed, discussed, and put forth more than 200 recommendations aimed at dismantling structural inequities across nine sectors of our city and county.


In March 2022, County Executive Adam Bello and Mayor Malik Evans announced that Urban League would be taking the helm on implementing RASE recommendations region-wide.


To learn more about the RASE Commission, visit