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City of Rochester

Water Specifications

Water Specifications 

These specifications govern the construction requirements for water facilities located within the City of Rochester. Both MS Word and PDF versions are available. 

S900 8/20/15 General Water Provisions  (docx)   (pdf) 
S901 2/13/14 Water Main Pipe and Fittings  (docx)   (pdf) 
S902 10/22/10 Salvage Existing Water Valve  (docx)   (pdf) 
S903 9/23/10 Resilient Seat Gate Valve with Valve Box  (docx)   (pdf) 
S904 2/13/14 Tapping Sleeve with Valve and Valve Box  (docx)   (pdf) 
S905    10/25/10 Cutting-In Valve with Valve Box and Sleeve  (docx)   (pdf) 
S906 2/13/14 Insertion Sleeve  (docx)   (pdf) 
S907  2/13/14 Connect New Water Main to Existing Water Main  (docx)   (pdf) 
S908    2/13/14 Cut and Plug Existing Water Main  (docx)   (pdf) 
S909 2/13/14 Water Valve Box  (docx)   (pdf) 
1/11/11 Temporary Cut and Plug Existing Water Main  (docx)     (pdf)
S911 2/19/15 Pitometer Tap and Connection  (docx)   (pdf) 
S912 3/5/15 Corporation Stop and Connection; Abandon Existing Water Service at Tap (2 Inch and Smaller)  (docx)   (pdf) 
S913 2/19/15 Water Service (2 Inch and Smaller)  (docx)   (pdf) 
S914 2/13/14 Curb Stop and Box  (docx)   (pdf) 
2/16/11 Relocate Water Service Meter (1-Inch and Smaller)  (docx)     (pdf)
S916 11/2/10 Temporary Bypass  (docx)   (pdf) 
S917 12/26/13 Hydrant  (docx)   (pdf) 
2/24/11 Water Manhole   (docx)     (pdf)
2/7/11 Abandon Existing Water Valve Vault; Install Direct Burial Valve(s)     (docx)     (pdf)
2/18/11 Water Meter Vault for Domestic Meters (3-Inch to 10-Inch)   (docx)     (pdf)
S922 2/25/14 Permanent Blow-Off Assembly   (docx)    (pdf) 
2/13/14 Bell Joint Leak Clamp  (docx)     (pdf)
5/10/11 Water Meter Pit (2-Inch and Smaller)   (docx)     (pdf)
S925 2/13/14 Yard Hydrant     (docx)     (pdf)
3/1/11 Abandon Existing Water Main at Railroad or Highway Crossing   (docx)     (pdf)
S930 11/10/10 Cleaning and Lining of Water Mains  (docx)   (pdf) 
S931 11/8/10 Removal and Replacement or Reinstallation of Water Main Obstruction  (docx)   (pdf) 
S935 11/8/10 Televising Water Mains  (docx)   (pdf) 
S962 2/13/14 Joint Bonds  (docx)   (pdf) 
S966 12/9/10 Magnesium Anode  (docx)   (pdf) 
S968 10/24/13 Cathodic Protection Test Station  (docx)   (pdf) 

Additional Water Facility Resources

Water Details 

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