Finance Department

All of the diverse bureaus within the Department of Finance work towards providing all of our customers with a positive experience.  Whether it is a citizen paying property taxes or water bill, a vendor who deals with the City or a financial institution handling the City’s investments, the Department seeks to leave everyone with the impression that we are customer friendly.

In addition, a lot of financial data and financial information is distributed by Finance to other departments and employees of the City.  Finances strives to ensure that they are treated the same as an external customer by employing best practices.

Having said all that, we really just want everyone to feel as though they were treated fairly and with respect after having done business with our Department.

About the Department of Finance

The Department of Finance manages the City's financial affairs. It collects revenues, manages and invests cash, manages City debt, and controls financial processing. Its responsibilities include managing payroll, purchasing, and assessment operations, maintaining financial records and reports, enforcing financial policies and standards, and collecting and storing City records.

The Department is composed of seven units: the Director's Office, Accounting, Treasury, Assessment, Parking,  the Rochester Traffic Violations Agency and Purchasing.

The hours for all units except Parking are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, when City Hall is open. The hours for the Parking Bureau are listed here.

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