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City Council 2024 Calendar


Referral Day

Committee Day 1

Committee Day 2

Public Hearings & Speak to Council



Neighborhoods, Jobs & Housing - 4:00pm
People, Parks and Public Works - 4:30pm

Budget, Finance & Governance - 4:00pm
Public Safety - 4:30pm



JANUARYJanuary 3 (Wed.)January 10January 11January 18January 23
FEBRUARYJanuary 30February 7February 8February 15February 20
MARCHFebruary 27March 6March 7March 14March 19
APRILMarch 26April 10April 11April 18April 24 (Wed.)
MAYApril 30May 8May 9May 16May 21
JUNEMay 28June 5June 6June 13June 18
JULYJune 25July 10July 11July 18July 23
AUGUSTJuly 30August 7August 8August 15August 20
SEPTEMBERAugust 27September 11September 12September 19September 24
OCTOBEROctober 1October 9October 10October 17October 22
NOVEMBER October 29November 6November 7November 14November 19
DECEMBERNovember 26December 4December 5December 12December 17

 All of the above meetings are open to the public and held in City Council Chambers. ASL interpreters will be provided. 

  • Referral Day - The proposed legislation packet is posted by the Clerk's Office in the evening on these days. Physical copies can be accessed at the City Clerk's Office. Please call 585-428-7421 
  • Committee Days - Committee members meet over the course of two days to discuss and vote on the proposed legislation, as well as hear presentations from the Administration or outside entities and stakeholders. The Committee Agendas will be posted online by the Clerk's Office as well. 
  • Public Hearings - Certain legislative items required public hearings. Please check the Public Hearing agenda each month. Impacted addresses will be mailed notices. No sign-up ahead of time is required. 
  • Speak to Council - Speak to Council is an opportunity for the public to address the Council on a topic they are voting on that month or express their opinion on any other topic. Please call 585-428-7538 or email to sign up. 
  • Regular Council Meetings - The full Council meets monthly to vote on the proposed legislation.