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Handicap parking permits

Handicap Parking Permit Application

Handicap permits can be submitted for processing at your nearest Neighborhood Service Center's (NSC) or at City Hall.  You may forward copies of your application and ID via email. 

To obtain a permit, the applicant must live in the city of Rochester, have a valid New York State Driver's License or New York State Non-driver's identification and a doctor's approval on the doctor's office stationery. If New York State identification is not available or does not list the current address of the applicant then a copy of a piece of recent mail addressed to the applicant is necessary to prove residency.

Applicants who do not live in the city of Rochester, must apply for a handicap permit and a parking waiver in the municipality in which they live. If you would like additional information on parking waivers, please contact your municipality. Handicap license plates are only available at the New York Department of Motor Vehicles.

Temporary permits are valid for a maximum of six months and require a new doctor's certificate; permanent permits must be renewed every five years and do not require a new doctor's certificate.
For additional information, please feel free to call the number listed below for the appropriate quadrant. Please call before going to the office for the application process so we can better serve you.