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Youth Services

Summer of Opportunity Program (SOOP)

Open to youth ages 14-20

SOOP is a summer employment placement and training program designed to connect high school youth with local employment opportunities and expose participants to the basic skills necessary for career success. For more information, visit Applications are now closed.


Youth Employment Training

Open to youth ages 14-18

Youth Employment Training prepares high school students for employment through an intensive 20 hour, job-readiness boot camp. Participants receive employment training and opportunities for subsidized, year round job placement, and graduate with a portfolio, resulting in increased employability.  For more information visit: 


Rise Education

The RISE Education team works to implement two NYS Evidence-Based education programs, “Be Proud!” “Be Responsible!” and “Making Proud Choices”. 

“Making Proud Choices” is an eight-part curriculum for youth ages 11-13 that helps to provide the knowledge, confidence, and skills necessary to reduce their risk of sexually transmitted disease (STDs), HIV and pregnancy by abstaining from sex or using condoms if they choose to have sex. “Be Proud!” “Be Responsible!” is a six-part curriculum that provides adolescents ages 13-18 with the knowledge, motivation, and skills necessary to choose the best behaviors to reduce their risk of pregnancy or contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. 

Both curriculums are based in a foundation of building positive self-image, developing leadership skills and mapping out a course for a successful future through planning and healthy choices. The curriculum is delivered by our trained health educators within Rochester City School District classrooms as well as groups, teams and throughout our partnering agencies city-wide. For more information, contact 428-1291 or email

SOAR Youth Leadership Team 

SOAR Youth Leadership Team is comprised of youth ages13-18 from the community that meet weekly to receive training in leadership, self-development tools and increase knowledge & awareness around sexual health. Our SOAR Leaders are trained in comprehensive sexual health education in efforts to co-facilitate education programming as peer educators. Participants will engage in activities to explore their future goals in areas ranging from career and college exploration to public speaking and life skills. The SOAR Youth Leadership Team members gain knowledge, experience, and direction to aid in their personal development by building their personal peer educator style, partaking in speaking engagements at tabling events, and participating in College Tours and panel discussions. The SOAR Youth Leadership team is continuously working toward improving their lives and the lives of the youth in their community. For more information, contact 428-1291 or email

Click here for SOAR Youth Leadership Team Application 

SRAE Clubs 

The Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Clubs (SRAE) is a program for youth ages 10-13 in the Rochester community. The goal of the SRAE initiative is to support and enhance youth’s social-emotional development and delay onset sexual activity through medically accurate and age appropriate curriculum, positive relationship with caring adults, and engaging exploratory weekly clubs. The highly skilled and trained SRAE facilitators host weekly Vibez clubs at individual sites where youth will participate in engaging fun activities such as dance, cooking and nutrition, science exploration, and creative arts. All SRAE participants will receive the “Making a Difference” (8-Week) age appropriate and medically accurate curriculum that empowers young adolescents to change their behavior in ways that will reduce their risk of pregnancy and HIV or other STD infection. Curriculum participants will build skills in goal setting, decision making skills, identify healthy relationships, gain a sense of purpose and gain a high self-esteem in effort to delay onset sexual activity. For more information, contact 428-1291 or email


Learn musical skill, technique and how to play a variety of string and bass instruments.  Youth who have participated in the ROCmusic program or have played an instrument for a year, are invited to apply for the ROCmusic Summer Academy to build on their current level of musical skill and technique.  Youth in grades 1-12. For more information, contact email

My Brother's Keeper (MBK) 

MBK’s programs are dedicated to fostering the social-emotional, developmental and overall well-being of Black and Brown youth throughout Rochester. At ROC MBK, we are committed to supporting the MBK movement by offering high quality programming and events, and participating in initiatives that support the following MBK milestones:
• Ensuring healthy starts and readiness for school entry.
• Achieving proficiency in reading by the third grade (age 8).
• Graduating from high school with readiness for college and career.
• Completing post-secondary education or training.
• Successfully entering the workforce.
• Keeping our youth on track and safeguarding them from violent crime.

While promoting brotherhood, MBK programming cultivates leadership and supports young men to achieve their full potential. Year-round civic engagement and community activities are added frequently. For additional information, contact MBK Initiatives at 585-695-3476.

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