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Property Information

Property Information Applications

The City of Rochester’s Property Information Application provides public access to general information for properties within city boundaries, including assessment, property tax, and water billing information.

For more advanced property information, check out our BuildingBlocks application.

Getting Started

Zoom in on the map, and single-click on a property of interest.  You can click and drag the map to move around, or search by address, owner or SBL using the search box on the left. 

Is the map not working on your device? Try clicking the button below to open the tool in a new browser window.

Open map in a new browser window

Frequently Asked Questions

We try to include every known address in this application, but there may be some addresses that we don't know about, or addresses that don't work with our search.  If you can't find your address using the address search, try searching by owner name.  You can also select a property from the map:  simply pan and zoom the map to your property and click on it.

We can only show information about properties located within the City of Rochester. For neighboring towns such as Brighton, Chili, Gates, Greece, Irondequoit or Penfield, check the Monroe County Real Property Portal.

If you’re sure that your property is located in the city and you don’t see it on the map, call the City Assessor for more information: (585) 428-7221

Please visit the Assessment Bureaua's Page.

Please call 311 (or 585-428-5990 if you're outside the city).

Yes. Go to our online payment system. We don’t have bill payment linked directly to the Property Information application yet, so you’ll have to look it up again in the payment system.

It takes a day for this information to get into our system. Please check again tomorrow.

Assessment and billing information are updated nightly, so this application shows yesterday’s information. Edits to property boundaries can take longer to get into the system.

The Zoning District, Overlay District, and Preservation District layers are updated as re-zonings occur.


Choose map icon

Choose Map

Switch between a Street Map and a Satellite Map. Turn on Zoning Districts, Overlay Districts, and Preservation Districts.

Share icon

Share Map

Share this map through Twitter, Facebook, or Email.  You will need to select a property before sharing the map.

Choose map icon

Choose map

Create a PDF of this map.  You will need to select a property before creating the map.  You can pan and zoom to the
desired position first.

Create report icon

Create report

Create a PDF report with detailed property information.  You will need to select a property before creating the report.

Measure icon


Pick a type of measurement: Area, Distance, or Location.  Click once on the map to start and double-click to stop measuring.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use your mouse wheel to zoom the map in and out.
  • Hold down the Shift key and drag a box on the map to zoom in to an area.
  • Hold down the Ctrl+Shift keys and drag a box on the map to zoom out from an area. 


This site is best viewed at 1024 x 768 resolution.

The Property Information Application is supported on the following browsers:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and newer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
iOS Safari 4.0+
Android Chrome 2.3+

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