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Apprenticeship Training Program

What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship is a training method that combines work experience with related classroom instruction. There is a written agreement between the apprentice and the employer that acknowledges their joint commitment to the training process. This agreement is then approved and registered by the New York State Department of Labor. There is also an agreement between the NYS Department of Labor and the sponsor of the approved apprenticeship training. For questions, contact New York State Department of Labor's Finger Lakes regional office at (585) 258-8885.

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How to enroll?

If you are interested in enrolling in an apprentice training program in the Rochester area, contact the New York State Department of Labor's Finger Lakes Regional Office at (585) 258-8885 to find out what programs are available locally.

What is the City's policy on apprenticeship programs?

The City of Rochester expressed its support of apprenticeship training in October 2003 through ordinance 2003-347, which created an Apprenticeship Program. The program's intention is to encourage apprenticeship training for city residents in order to increase meaningful employment opportunities within the trades. 
This policy applies to any City construction contract for an amount in excess of $250,000, or if any add/deduct alternates alone or in combination could result in a contract amount award that exceeds $250,000, regardless of the base bid amount, for construction, reconstruction, or improvement of any building, facility, or physical structure of any kind, and any subcontract thereto in excess of $100,000. The policy requires bidders to submit apprenticeship documentation with each proposal. An incomplete package will be declared informal and will not be considered for award. 

The Ordinance authorizes the Commissioner of Environmental Services “to promulgate such rules and regulations necessary and appropriate for the implementation and enforcement of this ordinance.” The Ordinance also requires that the “City shall provide assistance to contractors to its greatest extent possible in obtaining State approval of apprenticeship programs.” Such approval must be obtained before a contractor submits a bid for a construction contract or is awarded a subcontract.


The following documents are used to implement the City of Rochester’s Apprenticeship Training Program for Construction Contracts.