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Graffiti removal

Photo of Rochester graffiti removal vehicle.

The Defacer Eraser

The "Defacer Eraser" program removes graffiti from City-owned structures in the right-of-way like litter receptacles, benches, and trees. See below for where to call for removal from non-City structures like traffic signs and mailboxes. 

The City also removes graffiti from structures on private property like buildings after property owners have been allowed to clean the graffiti themselves. If a request is made for the removal of private property, the City must obtain written permission from the property owners to do the work. After that, the Defacer Eraser will attempt to clean the graffiti within two weeks.

Note: The City of Rochester can only remove graffiti from the first floor of buildings.

How Do I Request Removal?

Graffiti removal is provided year-round, but is most effective in certain weather conditions. 

Report Graffiti online 

You may also call 311. Outside city limits, please call 585-428-5990. 

For graffiti removal on structures that are not City-owned:

  • Traffic signs and traffic control boxes: Monroe County (585) 753-7760
  • City Schools: Rochester City School District (585) 336-4120
  • Mailboxes: US Postal Service (585) 272-5620


The City of Rochester will remove graffiti on private property, with written permission of the property owner, once per year without a fee.