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Illegal dumping

What constitutes illegal dumping?

Placing refuse in front of a premise for a collection that it did not originate constitutes illegal dumping. The unauthorized placement of refuse on any public parcel of land or right-of-way, and the importation of trash from outside the city also qualifies as illegal dumping. This is a growing problem that increases waste disposal costs for city residents, and blights the city's quality of life by accelerating the effects of litter, graffiti, and neglect on entire neighborhoods.

Refer to the city code's section on refuse for detailed information.

What is the City doing to curb illegal dumping?

The City of Rochester has established a reward program to curtail illegal dumping on public land or in public right-of-ways. The City offers a $100 reward to any citizen whose report of illegal dumping leads to the redress of the violation.   

Strong enforcement measures against illegal dumping are now in effect to support the ongoing efforts by citizens, businesses, and the City to cut refuse costs and clean up our environment. Penalties for violators include stiff fines as well as cleanup and disposal costs.

How do I report illegal dumping?

If you witness illegal dumping on public land within the city of Rochester, please report the incident to 311 (if you are calling from outside the city limits, call 585-428-5990). 



  • 1st Offense: $100
  • 2nd Offense: $200
  • 3rd Offense: $300


  • 1st Offense: $1,000
    2nd Offense: $2,500
    3rd Offense: $5,000