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Multi-Site Park Planning

Multi-Site Park Planning

Planning for improvements at Edgerton Park and R-Center, Lightfoot R-Center, and LaGrange Park


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In September, we had fun-filled “Evenings in the Park” at each site to talk to neighbors about their thoughts.  

We gathered lots of ideas and preferences about how the parks could be improved.

In May, we conducted public meetings to review two design options for each site. 

Review of Edgerton Park Designs

Edgerton R-Center, 41 Backus Street, Rochester 14608

Review of Lightfoot Park & R-Center Designs

Lightfoot R-Center, 271 Flint Street, Rochester 14608

Review of La Grange Park Designs

Virgil Grissom School No. 7, 31 Bryan Street, 14613

Project Background:

The City is conducting master planning services for three City-owned properties containing parkland and recreational facilities. The sites have future planned physical improvements, and the work will be guided by a master plan for each site. 

The project will include schematic design, cost estimating, community engagement, and master planning for three sites. The schematic designs will focus on enhancing the usability, functionality, safety and accessibility of the three parks for all users.


The following sites are included in the project:

  • Edgerton Park and R-Center, 41 Backus Street, Rochester, 14608;
  • Willie Walker Lightfoot R-Center, 271 Flint Street, Rochester, 14608; and
  • La Grange Park, 455 La Grange Avenue, Rochester, 14613.


The project started in Late Spring 2023 and the park master plans will be complete by Summer 2024.