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Reforest Mount Hope

Please help us plant roots that will grow to captivate future generations of citizens

Why Contribute to Reforest Mount Hope?

For 175 years, Mount Hope Cemetery has provided its visitors with a peaceful oasis set within an inspirational landscape. At the heart of this serene environment are the majestic trees, an essential element of the cemetery’s natural beauty.

At Mount Hope’s beginnings, planners had the prudence to minimally disturb the existing natural forest. Subsequent plantings added to the original forest, including those donated from the world-renowned Ellwanger & Barry Nursery, resulted in the stunning and diverse collection of tree specimens enjoyed today. Unfortunately, time and weather conditions have impacted the health of many of these aging trees and left them in need of replacement. To help restore the cemetery landscape, a new program—Reforest Mount Hope—has been launched. Monies raised through this effort will be used to purchase and plant trees in the cemetery, thereby ensuring a legacy of green space for generations of visitors to enjoy. 

As an active cemetery, our revenue covers only a portion of what it takes to care for this unique cultural treasure. Through the support of the Reforest Mount Hope program, we can continue to protect and restore the extraordinary landscape of this community landmark. Please consider a gift to help us extend roots into the future that will captivate subsequent generations.

Your donation, no matter how large or small, will make a real difference as we work to preserve this community gem.

Donations to Reforest Mount Hope can be made in a few ways:

  • Donate online using a credit card
  • If you prefer to donate by mail, please print and complete the Reforest Mount Hope donation form, and mail along with a check made payable to “City Treasurer, Reforest Mount Hope” to: Reforest Mount Hope Cemetery, 1133 Mt. Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620.

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The following contributor levels and benefits have been established for Reforest Mount Hope donors:

Mount Hope Steward ($10- $99)

  • Certificate of appreciation

Nathaniel Rochester Society ($100 - $249)

The benefit shown above, plus:

  • Unframed print depicting trees at Mount Hope

Ellwanger & Barry Society ($250 - $999)

All of the benefits shown above, plus:

  • Name of individual or organizational contributor engraved on a bronze tree of life plaque to be displayed in a Mount Hope Cemetery building

Anthony & Douglass Society ($1,000 and up)

All of the benefits shown above, plus:

  • Plaque bearing the name of the contributor or individual the contributor wishes to honor to be displayed for a minimum of 5 years near a tree

Donations are tax-deductible as allowable by law.