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How to apply for a job

You can apply online, by mail or in person for Civil Service Exams or Job Openings with the City of Rochester.

Current Job Openings

Current job Openings are vacancies or examinations for which the City is actively recruiting. View these openings, or you can find them on the bulletin board outside Room 103A of City Hall. Review the titles that interest you and then look carefully at the sections that describe "Minimum Qualifications" and "Special Requirements." These two sections list training, work experience, education and special licensing which are necessary to perform the job effectively. ONLY candidates whose qualifications match, or exceed, these requirements will be considered for an interview or participation in an exam.

NOTE - On the new Job Opportunities website, Promotional Opportunities (Menu > Promotional Opportunities) are open only to regular employees of the City of Rochester, NY. Information for exams is shown in Exams Information (Menu > Exam Information).

Applying Online


If you have NOT registered for our Online Employment System, please register here.

You must have a valid, unique personal email address, or you can log in using Facebook.

To register, click Sign In and then click the Facebook button or in the Don’t have an account? Area, click the Create One link. Follow the prompts.

To create your profile, after you log in, click on your email address/name in the upper-right corner and then click Profile.

IMPORTANT! If you want to fill out your profile using your resume instead of doing it manually, do not click or tap the Skip this Step button. If you click or tap the button, you must enter your profile manually. 

Complete the Info, Work, and Education sections (required).

Complete the Additional, References and Attachment sections (optional).

Complete the Questions section (required).

You can update your Profile at any time.

Once Registered

  1. On the Job Opportunities page, click the link for the opportunity to which you want to apply.
  2. If you are not already logged in, log in using your username and password.
  3. Review the information in each section.
  4. If you are applying for an exam open to All Applicants, you will advance to the Digital Signature Verbiage screen. Click Accept.
  5. You can check that your application was successful. Click on your email address/name in the upper-right corner and then click Applications where you can view submitted and incomplete applications. If you have questions, email or call (585) 428-7115.

Applying By Mail or In Person

To apply by mail or in person, you need to complete an Exam/Employment Application

Please submit the Application to:

City of Rochester
Department of Human Resource Management
30 Church Street, Room 103A
Rochester, NY 14614

If you need assistance, you may contact the City of Rochester's Department of Human Resource Management by email at or by calling (585) 428-7115.