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Become a lost pet detective!

lost pet detective

What is a Lost Pet Detective? 

Did you know most lost pets are found less than a mile from their home? Many lost pets end up in the shelter, which is a stressful place for a pet. You can help change that by becoming a lost pet detective. As a neighborhood lost pet detective, you can assist and support neighbors while walking them through the steps to get lost pets home.

Lost Pet Detectives will be provided with:

  • Training - You will receive tools and resources on what to do when a lost pet is brought to you by a neighbor.
  • Microchip scanners - Each lost pet detective will receive a microchip scanner, which can help identify pets with their owners.
  • Lost Pet Reunification Yard Sign - You will receive a yard sign, so neighbors know where to go for help when a lost pet is found.
  • Online resources - You will be given online resources and tools to help you best assist the community in reuniting lost pets with their people.

 If you are interested in becoming a lost pet detective, please email us here. 

*Note - you must be a city resident to be a lost pet detective.