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Lost a pet

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If you have lost a pet, scroll down to the bottom of this page to see found pets in our system bell. Next, please follow the steps below and refer to the Lost Pet Resource Packet to aid in your reunification efforts.

  1. Check your neighborhood and knock on doors - Most missing pets are found by their owners or Good Samaritans in their own neighborhoods. Walk the neighborhood, knock on doors, and ask people who you encounter if they may have seen your pet. Cell phone photos of your pet will help.
  2. Check City Website - Search Found Pet listings below.
  3. File a Lost Pet Report - Call 585-428-6722 to file a report over the phone or submit an online report now.
  4. Visit the Shelter - Come down to the Animal Services Center at 184 Verona Street during regular business hours to see if your pet may be there, review Found Pet Reports, and submit or update a Lost Pet Report. Bring photos and vaccination records. If you find your pet at the shelter, there may be fees to reclaim the animal. The fees are necessary to cover the costs associated with intake and care for animals during their time at our facility. The sooner you get here, the lower the fees. You will also need to pay for a license (dogs only), and rabies vaccination, if not current. Sterilization (i.e., spay or neuter) is optional but encouraged. If you do not find your pet at the Animal Services Center, ensure that you have submitted a Lost Pet Report including a photograph, and continue checking back at the facility every couple of days.
  5. Gather Photos - Gather several photos of your pet that best illustrate what it looked like when it went missing. Use the photos on Lost Pet Flyers, Lost Pet Reports, and social media posts. If submitting a Lost Pet Report, please be sure to upload your photos to it.
  6. Post on social media - Post a description of your missing pet, photos, and location on social media sites like Craiglist (post in both Lost & Found and in Pets and renew every three days), Facebook, and Nextdoor. Refer to the Lost Pet Resource Packet for guidance on creating such posts.
  7. Make and Post Flyers - Hang flyers in heavy traffic areas and public spaces near where your pet was last seen. Good old-fashioned leg work is still the best way to locate a missing pet. Refer to the Lost Pet Resource Packet for a sample flyer that you can use.
  8. Use Online Tools - Use Petco Love Lost and PetFBI to expand your search through those online databases. Petco Love Lost uses facial recognition to match shelter animals with missing pets.

Petco Love Lost 

Petco Love Lost is a searchable national database that uses facial recognition technology to make finding lost pets quicker and easier. Uploaded photos of a missing dog or cat are immediately scanned to determine whether the lost pet is at a participating shelter or with a neighbor in the community. Petco Love Lost allows pet owners to register their pets proactively before pets go missing. 

Here are four steps you can take to prevent your pet from becoming lost:

  1. Snap a photo of your pet
  2. Upload your pet’s photo at
  3. If your pet goes missing, just one click uses pet facial recognition technology to search our national database of found pets
  4. Create a shareable lost pet alert

You can also view the photos and profiles below to see if your pet has been taken in at the Animal Services Center. However, all animals may not be included, so we recommend that you check this page frequently for new photo uploads and visit the facility in person every couple of days.

Please note that all animals are named upon intake, so your pet may be listed by a different name.

Sterilization is encouraged for all dogs and cats reclaimed from the Animal Services Center.

The animals listed below came to us as unidentified, lost pets or were found and cared for by community members who are assisting with reuniting the lost pets with their owners. Most lost companion animals are found very close to their homes and often can be reunited with their people without requiring intake at the animal shelter. Owners of missing pets receive guidance and support from our office, and they submit Lost Pet Reports, post Lost Pet Flyers, use Petco Love Lost facial recognition tool, and knock on doors to attempt to locate neighbors who may have found the pets and be caring for them.

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